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Who is eligible to apply for a policy with Ethos?
Who is eligible to appl...

Who is eligible to apply for a policy with Ethos?


All U.S. citizens and permanent residents ages of 20-85 can apply for coverage with Ethos. If you’re 65 and under, you can own term coverage until age 80. If you are over 65, a guaranteed issue whole life insurance policy might be an easy way for you to get coverage quickly.


Ethos is licensed and operates in 49 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, excluding the state of New York.

If I already bought a policy from Ethos, can I apply for a second policy?

In short, no. If you already have a policy with us, you can’t apply for a second. If you try to apply for a second policy, you should receive a message stating you are ineligible to apply. If you’re looking for more coverage, you would need to cancel your current policy and reapply for higher coverage.

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