Create a legal will online at no additional cost

Our simple estate planning tools allow you to make a will, trust, power of attorney, and more. Ethos policyholders* receive this benefit included in their policy at no extra cost (a $449 value).
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Choose the plan that's right for you
Legal will

The robust and easy way to make a plan for your assets and heirs

What's included

  • Inheritance - Include or exclude anyone in receiving your wealth
  • Guardians - Designate guardians for your children
  • Executor - Designate someone to settle debts and distribute wealth
  • Valuables & real estate - Leave specific gifts to specific people
  • Ethos policyholders* receive this benefit with their policy at no extra cost—$149 value
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Full estate plan

The ultimate plan that covers everything from finances to caregiving

What's included:

  • Legal will - Make a plan for your assets and heirs
  • Living trust - Distribute money over time and allocate funds to specific needs
  • Power of attorney - Give temporary authority to someone you trust
  • Medical consent - Give a caregiver instructions for medical emergencies
  • Healthcare directive - Designate someone to make healthcare decisions for you if needed
  • Ethos policyholders* receive this benefit with their policy at no extra cost—$449 value
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Why make a plan?

If something happens to you, your loved ones don’t just lose you—they also lose your income, on top of everything else you provide. If you provide financial or caregiving support to someone, it’s essential to make sure they would be taken care of if they lost you. This includes having a plan in place to be your voice even after you are gone.

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Why do I need a will and/or an estate plan?
Creating a will or estate plan is the easiest way to secure your family’s future. You can determine how you want your assets distributed, and select a guardian to care for your children if you were to pass away. Completing these documents can help you breathe easier and give you peace of mind.
When can I start estate planning?
Upon policy activation, your estate plan tools will be available immediately.
Can I make edits to my plan?
For policyholders*, you have unlimited edits at no additional cost as long as your policy is active. For non-policyholders, changes are free during the first two years after activation. Edits after two years will be $19 per year for the legal will and $39 per year for the estate plan.
I’m a policyholder*. Where can I find this perk?
Depending on your current Ethos policy, you will be able to add the will and/or estate planning tools to your policy at no additional cost. Sign into your account to access this perk. Can’t find it? Our team can help!
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