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Why make a plan?
  • Help to ensure your loved ones have someone who takes care of them if they lost you
  • Reduce the headache your family may face with the courts
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Why do I need a will and/or an estate plan?
Creating a will or estate plan is the easiest way to secure your family’s future. You can determine how you want your assets distributed, and select a guardian to care for your children if you were to pass away. Completing these documents can help you breathe easier and give you peace of mind.
How long does the process take?
The process can be done online in under an hour (often even faster). Be sure to communicate with your loved ones who will be involved in your estate plan.
Can I make edits to my plan?
For policyholders*, you have unlimited edits at no additional cost as long as your policy is active. For non-policyholders, changes are free during the first two years after purchasing an estate plan or will. Edits after two years will be $19 per year for the legal will and $39 per year for the estate plan.
I’m a policyholder*. Where can I find this perk?
Depending on your current Ethos policy, you will be able to add the will and/or estate planning tools to your policy at no additional cost. Sign into your account to access this perk. Can’t find it? Our team can help!