Supercharge your placement rate
Instant approvals for 95% of applicants
20,000 agents can't be wrong
We deliver the best insurance products for agencies and their clients, including policies up to $2M, coverage for anyone from 18-85 years old, and a world-class customer support team.
P&C Brokerages
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Life Brokerages
Solo Agents
A policy for everyone—literally

Never lose a client again with the industry’s broadest underwriting guidelines and 95% issue rates.

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Goodbye case management, hello golf
2x your lead volume with a 10-minute purchase process. No paperwork or medical exams, just a few health questions online.
The best agent platform that's ever existed
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Access products via Ethos or your existing platform
Offering both self-serve and agent-facing applications.

With Ethos, you can reimagine and scale your business to new heights. Here’s how.

A+ Guarantee

Our policies are issued by the same brand-name carriers you know and love.

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