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Apply for life insurance online in just a few minutes with Ethos' simple application. No medical exams are required. Just answer a few health questions — many customers enjoy same-day coverage!

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To get a life insurance quote online, simply answer a few questions about yourself and see estimated costs for various policy options.
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Our secure, online application is fast and straightforward—you can complete the process in about 5 minutes.
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Once you submit your application, we'll process it quickly (often instantly) and let you know about your coverage eligibility and rates. If approved, you can activate your coverage immediately.
What to expect when you apply:
Ethos takes the guesswork out of the application process. Answer a few basic questions and see which products offer the best fit for your coverage needs.
How do you determine what policy is best for me?

We start with your age. If you're between 66 and 85, you qualify for our guaranteed-issue whole life policy and are automatically approved. 

Applicants ages 20 to 65 are eligible for our term policies. Using the information on your application as well as our proprietary technology and smart underwriting, we can offer a range of coverage options.

Who can apply?

All U.S. citizens ages 20 to 85 can apply. Ethos is licensed and operates in the District of Columbia and every U.S. state except New York.

What information do I need?

To ensure your application goes quickly and smoothly, have the following information handy:

  • Driver's license
  • Social Security number (to verify your identity)
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Current prescription information
Why do we need this information?

To provide you with instant coverage, we ask for your driver's license information and social security number to verify your identity in real-time. Having your medical history and prescription information gives us a clear picture of your health without requiring a medical exam. Rest assured that this information remains secure and confidential.

What if I change my mind during or after my application?

You may start an application and withdraw from the application process at any time without penalty. Before issuing any coverage to you, we will tell you the amount of coverage and premium we will offer you. If you like our offer, you can add your electronic signature at the end of the application to confirm the information provided is correct, and you will be issued coverage. You always have a 30 day period to cancel coverage and get your money back if you change your mind.

What kind of questions will I be asked?
Depending on which of our products you qualify for, the application process will vary.

Applicants between 66 and 85 are eligible for our guaranteed issue whole life policy and can get approved after answering a few simple questions.

Term policies require additional questions, but applications can still be completed in minutes. In general, you can expect questions related to:

  • Your health
  • Your legal and driving history
  • Your health insurance history
  • Your employment and income status
  • Your lifestyle and hobbies
  • Your drug and/or alcohol use
Get a quote

Nicotine use?
Used for estimate only.
Explore your options
Adjust the coverage amount and term length to find a plan you like. Then apply online (with no obligations) and get your real rate.

The estimated monthly rate for this policy is:

Coverage amount
Term length
10 years
Please note that all prices quoted are subject to change, including due to underwriting.
How do policy claims and payouts work?
Your beneficiaries can easily file a claim and receive a cash payout. If you pass away while your coverage is in force, your beneficiary files a claim with your insurance carrier. The carrier will then issue the death benefit payout.

Assuming there are no unusual circumstances, your beneficiary will receive an untaxed, lump-sum payment for the policy's value (the death benefit). Suppose you purchase $250,000 in coverage. In that case, your beneficiary will receive a tax-free $250,000 lump-sum payout. In some instances, the payout may shift slightly due to policy loans or the inclusion of a graded death benefit (if you have a whole life policy with a graded benefit). See your policy documents for more details


There are several reasons why a claim might not be paid. These include fraud, misstatements, or material misrepresentations of the information provided in your application. That's why it's important to be truthful in your application. A claim can also be denied if the insured's death results from suicide in the first two years of the policy being in effect. Details may vary by state, so refer to the policy or ask us for additional information.

Life Insurance 101

How does life insurance work? How much coverage will I need? Find these answers (and more) in one place.

Frequently asked questions
Does coronavirus impact life insurance?

Life insurance covers deaths related to COVID-19, and the pandemic doesn't impact life insurance rates. Buy life insurance online with Ethos, and if your application is approved, you'll be covered as soon as you make your first premium payment. Learn more.

Is a quote the same as my actual rate?

Typically, your initial quote is an estimate based on a few pieces of information and may change before your first payment becomes due. You'll receive your final set rate after the application is approved (with Ethos, your application is free). With the simplified issue term life and guaranteed whole life insurance policies, your rates never go up once you start your policy.

Can I replace an existing policy with an Ethos policy?

Whether Ethos can offer replacement coverage depends on the product and your state of residency. With any policy insured by Legal & General America, you can apply to replace your current coverage with Ethos. If you decide to replace any existing coverage, be careful not to terminate what you currently have until you receive approval of your new application to avoid any gaps in coverage.

What does a policy cover?

After you've passed away, your policy can help your loved ones cover life's significant expenses and lost wages. Some people choose to use the benefit to pay home mortgages, cover children's educational expenses, repay a debt, or help with the cost of raising a family.

What do customers say about Ethos?

Ethos puts people first and has a rating of "Excellent" on Trustpilot with 4.8 stars from customer reviews. Ethos also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting marketplace trust.

How do I know my policy is reliable?

Ethos works with top life insurance carriers. As a third-party administrator and agent, Ethos only offers policies backed by established industry leaders.

More life insurance questions?

Explore common questions or search for topics on our FAQ page.

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