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Life Insurance and COVID-19 Guide

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Do you have an active life insurance policy, but you're wondering if it covers a COVID-19 death? Learn what you need to know about life insurance and COVID here.

Does Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact life insurance?

Coronavirus won't impact life insurance policies already in force, and coverage still applies to deaths due to COVID-19.

Regardless of your history with COVID-19, new life insurance applications are welcome with Ethos online. You must be honest on your application about past and future travel plans as well as your current health status.

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Does life insurance cover COVID-19?

Yes, the life insurance policies that Ethos sells cover coronavirus (COVID-19). Although the coronavirus isn't explicitly mentioned in the policy contract, death from a pandemic isn't considered exclusionary of our term life insurance policies.

This still holds true even if you've traveled recently or you've been exposed to someone with the virus. Once a policy is in force, life insurance companies cannot change your health classification or premium.

Can I still buy life insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. Ethos is still offering policies through our online application throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. If your application is approved, you'll be considered covered as soon as your first premium payment is made.

Do I still need a medical exam to get life insurance during the pandemic?

Ethos customers don't need to undergo a medical exam as part of their application process. Therefore, our ability to provide most applicants with coverage hasn't been impacted.

How can life insurance coverage be affected by foreign travel?

Suppose that in the past 30 days, you traveled to a foreign country or area with a U.S. State Department Level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory, a list that has changed frequently during the global pandemic. In that case, your life insurance application could be slightly postponed due to potential exposure to COVID-19. You may submit your life insurance application 30 days after the date you return to the U.S.

If you had planned travel to any affected area, but you attest that you won't travel until the relevant travel advisories related to potential coronavirus exposure have been lifted or that you have canceled your trip, your application for coverage will be considered immediately.

Will life insurance premiums increase due to coronavirus?

The coronavirus isn't impacting life insurance rates. We aren't treating this differently than we would any other illness or travel advisory.

COVID-19 showed that our communities were unprepared for the unexpected, which can also serve as a reminder for our personal lives. If you haven't already, now is the time to ensure that your family is financially prepared for the future, and life insurance is a crucial way to plan. With Ethos, you get the added benefit of completing your life insurance application from the comfort of your home.

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We know you've got questions about life insurance, so we did our best to provide context and clarity in our ever-changing world. Our customer service team is standing by ready to help if you need more answers about life insurance.

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