Life insurance for your spouse
Your spouse took an important step in protecting you and your family. You can protect them too—see your own policy estimate in seconds.
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Instant life insurance coverage
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Please note that all prices quoted are subject to change, including due to underwriting.
Do both spouses need coverage?
In many cases, the answer is yes. Consider some scenarios when life insurance for both spouses is necessary.
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Replacing childcare
If you take care of kids, then you know childcare isn’t cheap. Life insurance can help cover the cost of childcare in case you aren’t around.
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Keeping the house running
Sometimes the tasks you complete at home can feel like their own full-time job. In fact, the cost of replacing the services a stay-at-home-spouse performs is about $185,000 per year. Getting coverage can help pay for replacing those things.
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Covering your mortgage
A mortgage is another common reason both spouses get coverage. Having protection for one another helps to guarantee either spouse will be able to keep your home if anything happens.
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Support for caregivers
It’s important to consider anyone else that relies on your spouse or yourself for support. Getting additional protection makes sure all your bases are covered.
household coverage
Life insurance protects more than income
It’s important to consider the services you provide your family with that may not be income. This includes caring for children or parents, handling finances, or managing the household.
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Coverage for each other
After marriage, many couples begin sharing their finances. Having a policy for both spouses means more protection for each other, your children, and any other dependents.
What should you look for in a policy?
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Choose a term that works best for you -- do you want protection for your newborn children for the next 20 years? Will you be paying off your mortgage in the next 30 years?
Financial experts recommend having coverage that is about 10X your salary, it doesn’t have to be all from one policy, so doubling up with each spouse is a great way to split it up.
No one wants a policy that costs a fortune. We are constantly adding new products to make sure you have the best prices in the industry.
Instant life insurance coverage
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What term length is right for me?
Ethos offers term lengths of 10, 15, 20, & 30 years. To decide on the right term length for you, consider important milestones in life that coverage will be needed until. For example your children going to college and paying off your mortgage.
How does it work?
It’s so simple! Apply online in under 5 minutes by answering easy health questions. No medical exams or doctor visits. Many customers are eligible for same-day coverage.
Do both spouses need the same amount of coverage?
The simple answer is no. The amount of coverage you need will depend on your household and the protection requirement of each spouse.
What if I have life insurance through my employer?
That’s a great start! Life insurance through an employer will typically cover about 1x your salary. Since financial experts recommend having 10x your salary, supplementing your employer-sponsored policy with Ethos ensures full protection.
What happens after I apply?
When you submit your application, underwriters review your application and make a determination about insuring you. Traditionally, underwriting could take months, but Ethos uses new technology to help expedite this process.
What if I don't work?
Even if you don’t provide an income, chances are you provide a measurable value to your family that they would have to replace if you passed away. Consider the free services that stay-at-home parents provide, like childcare and household chores, and how much it would cost to hire someone else to do them.