Life Insurance

Why It’s Best To Get Life Insurance While You’re Still Young

Jon Austin Lim | Aug 6, 2019
Erica's life insurance experience.

Meet Erica. She’s a communications specialist here at Ethos. As a 27-year-old with no spouse or children, she’s not what people typically think of when picturing someone who needs life insurance.

ethos communications specialist

However, Erica has a hefty amount of debt from student loans. If anything were to happen to her, that debt would end up being her mom’s responsibility— and that’s the last thing she wants. That’s why she got term life insurance.

“My mom has done so much to help me get where I am today. The least I could do for her was make sure that if something happens to me she won't get left with my debt.”

Many people think getting life insurance when you’re young and healthy is unnecessary, but in reality, it’s often a great decision because you can lock in a lower premium rate. Even if you don’t have student loan debt to worry about, getting the right policy early can mean making sure the people you love don’t have to worry about their financial future if something happens to you. The younger you are when you buy term policies, the more affordable it is to get covered.

Erica was initially worried that covering her debt would cost her too much, but after looking into term life insurance with Ethos, she was able to get a 10-year policy that covered her for 100K at only $9 a month.

“I honestly couldn’t believe that $9 a month is all I needed to spend to get covered. Nine bucks bought me so much peace of mind in knowing that if anything happened to me, my mom wouldn’t have to worry about covering any of my debts.”

Maybe you don’t have student debt to worry about like Erica, but that’s the great thing about getting term life insurance with Ethos. Our term policies fit your life and your unique needs, no matter what they are. Life insurance isn’t just something that well-off older families need. Whether you’ve just bought your first home, decided to start a family, or recently graduated, buying life insurance earlier rather than later can be much more affordable than you’d imagine. And it’s easy to get started:

Decide how much coverage you need.

Consider your debts and other financial obligations, especially if you’re the primary breadwinner of your household. People usually apply for around 10 times their income to safely cover their debts. Whether it be a mortgage, children, or debt, a term policy with Ethos can work with your needs.

Act now.

Life insurance gets more expensive the longer you wait (8-12% every year), so it’s better to act now while you’re young, rather than put it off (when it will be more expensive).

Apply in minutes.

Our application is 100% online and can be completed within minutes. With Ethos, getting covered has never been easier.