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What's the difference between Ethos online life insurance and the traditional process?

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Ethos has streamlined the life insurance process, using modern technology and data analytics to create an online life insurance application that takes only 10 minutes or less. Ethos has made getting life insurance quicker and easier. Ethos's fresh approach offers you a simple online process with optional support from a licensed Ethos agent—so you'll receive life insurance that fits your budget and circumstances.

How is Ethos different from traditional insurers?

Ethos offers a process that aligns with the buying experiences of today, removing the stress along the way. You can expect a straightforward online application process, easy-to-understand options, tailored life insurance quotes, and a quick turnaround. You won't be asked to take a medical exam, and you won't have to wait 30 days for coverage to take effect. Just answer a few health questions and secure a policy in the same day. 

How does Ethos work?

Ethos uses the power of modern technology to streamline a quick online life insurance application. Using our predictive analytics abilities, we can provide personalized estimates in just seconds. We start by gathering basic information about you and then offer the policy type and coverage amount we think will best fit your needs. Once you make your decision, the online application only takes about 10 minutes. And it's done entirely online, safely and securely. 

Once you submit your application, Ethos reviews it, and you'll receive a decision quickly—most applicants receive an instant decision. And there's no medical exam required. You'll simply be asked a few medical questions on your application, avoiding the time and hassle of traditional plans. You can apply, get approved and covered all on the same day. 

Once approved, a licensed Ethos expert will contact you to finalize the details and confirm your coverage. You can still make any adjustments to your coverage before the policy gets issued. 

What does life insurance cover?

Life insurance protects your loved ones and safeguards your financial legacy. To understand the different types of life insurance, read about the differences between term and whole life insurance.

Your beneficiaries can use the life insurance payout to cover financial needs such as lost wages, mortgage or car payments, outstanding debt, and daily living expenses. They can also use it to pay for future expenses, such as your children's college tuition.

If you own a business, you want to leave it financially stable for your loved ones if the unexpected happens. And with Ethos, buying life insurance online is straightforward and streamlined, so that you can get covered quickly. 

What if I already have coverage?

Many people have employer-provided coverage through their company's group life insurance plan. However, if you have a growing family or your financial goals change, you may find it's not enough. And if you leave the company, you may no longer have the coverage. 

Financial experts recommend carrying life insurance up to ten times your annual salary. However, employer-provided policies typically don't offer more than two times your salary, leaving your loved ones burdened financially if you suddenly pass away. Purchasing a personal life insurance policy can supplement your coverage. Ethos offers term life insurance policies of up to $2 million with term lengths between 10 and 30 years. We also provide whole life policies for applicants 66 and older with a death benefit up to $25,000. Use our simple coverage calculator to determine your life insurance needs quickly.

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