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Customer Support Specialist
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She’s a proud Ravenclaw, a devoted member of the Beyhive, and an experienced customer support specialist with a penchant for helping others. But since joining Ethos earlier this year, Rasheedah has already discovered brand new opportunities for self-improvement, growth, and ways to impact her workplace and the world around her. “I've learned how important it is to have life insurance,” she says. “Before I worked here, I either only had life insurance through my employers (which wasn’t adequate for my needs), or I didn't have any at all. I have seen so many friends, family members, colleagues, and former classmates go without life insurance and have to rely on websites like GoFundMe to pay for end-of-life expenses. Understanding the importance of being prepared has become a powerful lesson for my life that I now use to educate others, especially African-Americans like myself.” Find out more about Rasheedah’s personal and professional passions in our Q&A below.

How did you get your start in customer success and what does a typical day on the job look like for you?

I started my journey in customer success where most young people do: in retail. I had my first job at Charming Charlie, helping customers with jewelry and clothes, and maintained the store's processes. From there, I ventured into other industries through restaurants, call centers, and technical support, until I eventually landed here at Ethos.

At Ethos, a typical day starts with responding to voicemails, text messages, and emails from the night before. I typically go directly to diving into the tickets of the day. During the day, you can find me answering phone calls, scheduling medical examinations, and responding to live chats from customers who need our help.

What initially drew you to Ethos?

I would have to say the mission and values of the company drew me in. They stood out to me. The messaging throughout the website and on social media sites seemed genuine, and the same authenticity came through in how they connect with their customers - treating customers like family, wanting to educate people on the product and its industry, and having a welcoming company culture are important to me and I could tell that Ethos truly lived by those values.

How would you describe Ethos in a few words?

Fast-paced, compassionate, and forward-thinking.

What is it about Ethos that you feel differentiates it from other companies — particularly those in the life insurance industry?

The way the company treats its employees is reflected in how we treat our customers. Ethos goes to great lengths to let you know that their people are their greatest assets and because of that, we as a company that puts our customers and their needs first. From our streamlined product to our communication channels, to our website and marketing, we keep the customer and their needs at the forefront. I haven't found a life insurance company that goes above and beyond in that way.

What excites you most about your work?

There is quite a bit that excites me -- the people I work with, our ability to change when demand is needed, and the fact that every day is an opportunity to become involved in a process that directly affects how a customer works with us. I've implemented messaging that helps customers resolve their issues on the first try to eliminate confusion. Also, on the employee side, I now lead an Employee Resource Group called Black at Ethos to distribute resources, gain camaraderie, and increase diversity and inclusion here at Ethos. Knowing that these parts of my role make a difference not only to myself but to our customers and colleagues makes me excited for work.

Where are you from originally and what was the biggest lifestyle/day-to-day adjustment you had to make when you moved to Austin?

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Polish Boy, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The biggest lifestyle adjustment I’ve made moving down to Texas — and specifically Austin — was around the amount of time I spend outside. Cleveland gets cold and stays cold for quite some time during the year, and it is the exact opposite here. I've seen nature, sat on the porch, and gone for walks, hikes, and stood in line at food trucks more than I ever have before. It’s overall been a big change, but I’ve enjoyed it so far!

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?

Brunch! Specifically, an all-day brunch with mimosas. After brunch, my perfect Sunday includes going for a walk in the hill country or down by the bats on Congress Avenue. While there, I typically enjoy reading a book or playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. At the end of this marvelous day, you can find me on the phone, talking to friends and family before a very relaxing evening and an early bedtime (heavenly!).

Name one movie/TV show/book/album that had a significant impact on your life and tell us how/why.

Oooh, I'd love to name one of each:

Movie: The Mummy. It's my favorite and made me appreciate history, romance, action, and Brendan Frasier.

Book: The Harry Potter series. I have been obsessed with them ever since I was 12. I bought all of them the day they came out, saw all of the movies, own all of the movies, and I am a proud Ravenclaw to this day!

Album: Homecoming: The Live Concert by Beyonce. It's such a significant moment in time to celebrate her discography, our shared heritage as African Americans, and it is great to put on when you're cleaning up the house.

Anything else about yourself you'd love to share that illustrates your personality?

Well, other than my obsession with Harry Potter and Beyonce, I've been an artist in some shape or form my entire life. I started at the piano when I was 8, became a bassoon player at 12, an actress at 16, a writer at 22, and a photographer at 28. My whole life I've been engulfed in the arts thanks to my family and my high school (Cleveland School of the Arts), and moving to Texas invigorated a creative side of me I haven't explored before. I now have an online writing portfolio, a blog focused on shopping with intention and to support others, and a photography page dedicated to nature, architecture, and joy in the African American experience.