Ethos Policyholder Resource Page
Welcome to the Ethos policyholder resource page. Below you'll find informational content, policy-related FAQ's, product information, and details on how to refer a friend.
Your Member Portal
Here you can view and download your policy documents, change your payment method, and apply for an additional policy. To log into your member portal follow these steps:
  1. Click the button below
  2. You will land on a page asking for you to enter your email address
  3. Once you enter your email and hit submit you will receive an email
  4. Open the email and click on the button that says “Login to my account”
Frequently asked questions
What policyholders need to know.
Account Maintenance:
How do I access my policy details?

You can find your details once your policy is activated through your Ethos portal online at If you have trouble accessing your account, please let us know by emailing

How do I manage my beneficiaries?

To change your beneficiary or beneficiaries, please call us at (415) 903-8467 or email We will be happy to assist with updating your current beneficiary or beneficiaries.

How do I make a premium payment and update my billing information?

We offer monthly payments by debit or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Payments will be automatically drafted the same date your policy was issued unless you change your payment date before you activate your coverage.

To change your payment method, please go to your account at and click on the 'Policies' tab, then click the 'Change Payment Method' button.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, you will have a 31-day grace period to add a new payment method (or 60 days in California). During this period, your coverage is still active.

How do I file a claim?

When an insured person dies, it’s the responsibility of the beneficiary named on the policy to contact the insurance company to file a death claim. The insurance company will help the beneficiary with the claim process.

Beneficiaries may be able to choose between receiving the death benefit over time instead of as a lump sum payment. Refer to your specific insurance policy for details regarding all possible settlement options available to your beneficiaries at the time of claim processing.

How long will it take for a claim to be paid?

The process to evaluate your claim could be relatively quick, or it may take a little time, depending on the information that is presented at the time of claim. To help your beneficiary receive the death benefit, you can provide them with a copy of your policy as part of your estate planning process. At a minimum, provide your beneficiary with your insurance company’s full legal name so they are able to contact the insurance company if needed.

Who should I refer?
Anyone you personally know who could benefit from life insurance coverage, especially someone who falls into one of the following categories.
Married couples
Every person who's married should consider having coverage to protect their better half.
If they've got kids, they've got things like college tuition to protect.
Mortgages and other home-related expenses are no joke.
If someone like an elderly parent relies on them for financial support, they need coverage.
Additional products to consider:
Below are a few more products that we think you might be interested in. These products are from trusted companies in our partner network.
Gainbridge Fixed Annuities
Gainbridge is a self-managed digital platform providing you with direct access to trusted financial products that will help grow your savings over time. Gainbridge offers single-premium deferred annuities, and a single-premium immediate annuity (SPIA) that provides an immediate stream of fixed monthly payouts over a specified period.
Gerber Life Child Life Insurance
Gerber Life is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group and provides budget-friendly life insurance so children and adults can have greater financial protection. Gerber Life offers whole life policies that provide lifelong protection for your child or grandchild.
Breeze Disability Insurance
Breeze modernizes disability insurance by offering customers a fully digital application and underwriting process. Disability insurance provides financial protection if you can’t work or earn an income due to injury or illness. Without it, you could be stuck in a financial hard spot because of a bad accident, vision loss, or a chronic condition.
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