What's your Ethos?
Join Peter Colis, CEO and co-founder of Ethos, as he sits down with some of the life insurance industry’s biggest movers and shakers. Hear them talk through their biggest breakthroughs, business insights, and leadership challenges — and get to know them on a more personal level.
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We’re excited to announce our new podcast hosted by Ethos’ own, CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Colis. Join Peter and other life insurance key players break down all things life insurance.

Episode one
Legal & General America CEO, Mark Holweger - Dominating Term Life Insurance

For our first episode, host Peter Colis, CEO of Ethos, welcomes Mark Holweger, President and CEO of Legal and General America (a UK-based company), the largest issuer of term life insurance in the U.S. Mark discusses their single product focus, innovation across the customer buying journey, recruiting with a mission of protecting families, and as an unexpected bonus - secrets to cooking delicious curries!

Episode two
Diversification as a Strategy - Bill Lester CEO of Ameritas

In this episode, host Peter Colis, CEO of Ethos, welcomes Bill Lester, President and CEO of Ameritas Insurance. Ameritas has been in business for 130 years and serves 5.3 million customers. Ameritas offers insurance, financial services, and employee benefits, helping people plan well and enjoy life. As a mutual-based organization, Ameritas isn’t obligated to Wall Street analysts and stockholders.

Episode three
The Fresh-Squeezed Tech of Lemonade Insurance with CEO Daniel Schreiber

In this episode, host Peter Colis, CEO of Ethos, welcomes Daniel Schreiber, CEO and Co-founder of Lemonade, a licensed insurance carrier powered by AI and behavioral economics. Daniel shares his views on Lemonade’s multi-product strategy, innovation across the customer buying journey, uses of AI and behavioral economics, and public company leadership.

Epsiode four
Spike Lipkin of NewFront - HighTech, HighTouch Insurance

In this episode, host Peter Colis, CEO of Ethos, welcomes Spike Lipkin, CEO and Co-founder of NewFront Insurance. NewFront is transforming the delivery of risk management, employee experience, insurance, and retirement solutions by building a modern insurance platform.

Episode five
Journey to the Top: The Rise of Guidewire with President Priscilla Hung

In this episode, host Peter Colis welcomes Priscilla Hung, President and COO of Guidewire. She discusses Guidewire's transformation from a startup to a dominant provider of core admin systems for property and casualty insurance carriers and the company's transition from mainframes to on-prem systems and the cloud.

60,000 Agents Strong: How FFL CEO Shawn Meaike Reshaped Distribution and Built FFL into a Juggernaut

In this episode, host Peter Colis welcomes Shawn Meaike, Founder, CEO, and President of Family First Life. Family First Life was launched in 2013 and has grown into a multi-million-dollar insurance organization.

Episode seven
Transforming Insurance for Middle-Income America with Equis CEO Barry Clarkson

In this episode, host Peter Colis, CEO of Ethos, welcomes Barry Clarkson, CEO of Equis Financial and managing partner of Integrity Marketing Group. Barry shares his journey in the insurance industry and how his passion for serving middle-income families has shaped his approach to life insurance, college education, and retirement plans.

Epsiode eight
Partnership and Innovation in Reinsurance: Insights from SCOR's Life CEO JC Brueckner

In this episode, host Peter Colis welcomes JC Brueckner, the US CEO of SCOR Global Life Americas, a significant player in the reinsurance industry. The discussion centers on the evolving reinsurance market, the shift from a commodity-driven business to one focused on partnerships, and the impact of data and technology in shaping the industry. Brueckner also provides insights on SCOR Global Life's approach to closing the insurance gap and leveraging partnerships to meet the needs of the uninsured and underinsured.

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