Who doesn’t need life insurance?

A term life insurance policy isn't right for everyone. Here are a few examples of people who usually don't need term life insurance:

  1. Young, single people with no debt or other financial obligations–If you’re young, have no dependents, and no debt (including student loans and credit card debt), you probably don’t need life insurance.
  2. Kids–Children don't typically support the family or bring in income, so purchasing them a term life policy doesn't make much sense.
  3. Retirees–If you’re retired, your children are self-sufficient, and you've paid off major debts like home and auto loans, there's not a huge need for an insurance policy.
  4. If you have a chronic illness–if you are someone who anticipates needing long-term care, such as in the case of a degenerative disease or other genetic predisposition, you may not need a standard form of life insurance.

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