Life insurance at different ages

You might think that life insurance isn’t necessary for where you’re at in life. But now is likely the best time for life insurance—no matter what life stage you’re in. Here’s how life insurance can benefit people across different age groups:
20s: Financial independence
Think your 20’s are too early for life insurance? Think again. It’s never too early to take steps to secure your financial legacy. Life insurance can protect you from passing on your debts (like student loans) to your loved ones if you pass away.
30s: A decade of big life changes
Your 30’s may be full of significant events that come with significant expenses. Having children, buying a house, and starting a business are all financially demanding. Life insurance can protect your loved ones from having to take on these expenses.
40s: People that rely on your income
You’re probably entering your peak earning years, and have people around you who rely on your income. Would they be able to maintain their quality of life if they lost you and your income? If not, you likely need life insurance.
50s and up: Retirement & final expenses
Life insurance in your later years can offer financial protection until you reach a certain milestone, like retirement, or your children finishing school. It can also assist with legacy planning and your final expenses.
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