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The Living Benefits of Life Insurance

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Maintaining a life insurance policy is an excellent way to provide financial security for your family and loved ones. Yet, such policies are rarely available for the policyholder to use themselves. Instead, these policies generally focus on providing a payout to beneficiaries. The benefit to the policyholder is peace of mind that they're leaving their estate in order and won't leave a burden for their loved ones.

Yet, policy riders known as living benefits riders, and policies that include a cash value feature, can change this. 

In addition to getting life insurance with living benefits riders, policyholders can choose from particular types of life insurance that include a cash value feature, which functions similarly to living benefits. 

While life insurance with living benefits can be rare, cash value life insurance policies are more common. Let's learn more about these options. Note that Ethos offers only limited living benefits. Our competitively priced policies emphasize fast, hassle-free coverage. The information on living benefits shared here is intended to inform you as you research all of your life insurance options.

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What are the living benefits of life insurance?

Life insurance protects your loved ones, but living benefits help protect you. 

Living benefits generally refer to specific living benefits riders, but they're sometimes used to reference cash value policies. In their simplest form, life insurance living benefits are finances derived from your policy that you can utilize from your policy during your life. 

That contrasts with the traditional use of life insurance, which only sees the policy payout going towards your beneficiaries once you've passed away. 

With the right living benefits rider, and under specific circumstances, policyholders can access some of the policy payout during their lifetime. These riders are primarily structured to handle complications like medical bills from qualifying illnesses or conditions. 

Living benefits on a life insurance policy technically refers to riders, but the term is sometimes used when discussing the cash value component of permanent life insurance policies. Since this cash value is accessible to the policyholder during their lifetime, it can also be considered a living benefit. 

However, how this cash value can be used and where it comes from is different from living benefit riders. With permanent life insurance, the cash value can be used in numerous ways, including as a withdrawal, or you can borrow against it. 

In contrast, a living benefit rider usually specifies that the money is for specific medical expenses. The money is subtracted from the policy payout instead of a separate cash value area with these riders.

Living benefit life insurance

These riders allow the policyholder to use some of the policy payout to cover certain medical expenses for qualifying conditions. There's a broad range of accessibility for these riders. Some policies may include them by default, while an insurer may not offer them in other situations. 

When you're considering life insurance, it's vital to know your policy priorities before deciding on an insurer or plan. For instance, if a living benefit rider is essential to you, it's wise to shop around and see which providers include those options. Comparing plans is just one of many tips that can help with buying life insurance

Permanent life insurance as living benefits

In contrast with term plans, permanent life insurance policies last for the lifetime of the insured individual. It's common for these types of plans to include a cash value investment feature that can grow in value over time. 

The money can generally be withdrawn, borrowed against, or used to increase the policy payout size or prepay premiums. These features vary in specifics between providers and types of permanent life insurance, but can usually be utilized in similar ways. 

Life insurance through Ethos

Even without living benefits, life insurance can fulfill numerous financial security needs. For instance, consider how life insurance can protect your mortgage. It won't help you directly, but it can secure your loved ones if you pass away. It's an unpleasant thing to consider, but that risk is what life insurance is meant to confront.

Our policies include whole life and term policies. Whole life policies traditionally have fixed premiums and offer guaranteed growth on their cash value feature. Term policies don't include cash value components or other features that could be used as living benefits. Instead, term policies provide more significant coverage limits at lower rates than permanent life policies, while sacrificing the investment component. 

Ethos offers limited living benefits options, but whole life permanent life insurance policies are one of our specialties. Another focus of Ethos is the ease of access to life insurance. Most applicants can fully apply for life insurance online without a medical exam, although some health questions are still involved. Whole life policies through Ethos can have coverage limits up to $30,000, and begin as soon as you make your first payment. 

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