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The Life Insurance Free Look Period

When you purchase a life insurance policy through Ethos, you'll have 30 days to review the terms so you can be sure it meets your needs. In the life insurance business, this period is called a "free look period." The free look is essentially a 30-day return policy that eliminates the financial risk of buying life insurance. It applies to both term and whole life insurance policies.

If you change your mind at any time during the first 30 days following the purchase of your life insurance, you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund of any premiums paid. There are no fees, surrender charges, or hidden costs. It's simple and easy, just like getting life insurance through Ethos.

When does the free look period begin?

The Ethos free look period begins on the day you purchase your policy and ends thirty days later. During this period, you'll have plenty of time to review the policy details, ask any questions that may arise, or simply reconsider your decision.  

Whether it's a shirt, a computer, or even a new car, we're accustomed to being able to return an unwanted purchase. Most companies accept returns and provide full refunds of the amount paid. Getting life insurance through Ethos is no different, even though your purchase may not seem as tangible as other things you buy. 

A life insurance policy is a legal contract between you and the carrier, and the free look provision offers you the same protection as a retail return policy. It's a money-back guarantee designed to protect you and give you time to consider whether the life insurance policy meets your needs.

How much life insurance do I need?
To make it easier, we created an online life insurance calculator you can use to help assess your individual needs.

How long is a typical free look period for life insurance?

Every state in the US and the District of Columbia requires life insurance policies to include a free look period. Regulations vary from state to state, as does the required length of the free look period. However, there's always a minimum 10-day free look period and a max life insurance free look period of 30 days. 

Ethos is a licensed producer and third-party administrator for several of the most well-respected life insurance companies in the United States. We work with top-rated carriers, including Legal & General America, TruStage™, and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, which carry at least an A rating from A.M. Best for financial stability. 

Although the duration of the free look period may vary by carrier, every policy purchased through Ethos is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

How do I cancel my policy during the free look period?

If you decide to cancel your policy during the free look period, simply email or call us at (415) 322-2037 to request a surrender form. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm central time. We'll process your request immediately and issue a refund for the total amount paid.

If you decide to cancel your term life insurance policy after the 30-day free look period expires, you may either request a surrender form or stop paying your premiums, which will cause the policy to lapse. For whole life insurance policies where cash value has accrued, be sure to complete and submit the surrender form. 

You don't have to worry about any cancellation fees after the free look insurance review period ends.

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A life insurance policy free look period provides you with the confidence to protect your loved ones today even if you don't have time to study all of the policy's details. With 30 days to review, you can consult your attorney, financial advisor, or any other trusted resource regarding the insurance company and Ethos's free look provision. 

Learn more about online life insurance and how much coverage you should have to secure your family's financial stability in our Life Insurance 101 overview. When you're ready, get a fast, free quote on our website.

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