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Ethos Reviews That Debunk Common Insurance Myths

Ethos Life | Dec 6, 2018
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At Ethos, we love answering questions about life insurance so customers can protect their families and loved ones. There are a lot of life insurance myths out there and instead of answering them, we’re going to let our Ethos customer reviews do it for us:

Myth 1: Purchasing Is Time Consuming

“Simple, easy, fast...I purchased affordable life insurance within 10 minutes. Had my benefits and policy package at my door by the end of the week. Signed all my paperwork online, no phone calls needed. This is a beyond excellent way of revolutionizing and simplifying the insurance process. Thanks for paving the way to modern day insurance service.”

— Kim R.

Myth 2: Insurance Is For Old People

“I am so grateful that there’s a millennial-focused life insurance provider out there. We’re young and just trying to cross our Ts and dot our Is; life insurance should be simple for young, healthy whipper-snappers like me! Definitely recommending Ethos to my friends... and anyone else who asks me about my life insurance!"

— Erica S.

Myth 3: You Have To Talk To Pushy Salespeople

“THIS is what modern day life insurance shopping experiences should be like. A heartfelt special thanks to John and Josh, and all the folks at Ethos for delivering an easy, simplified application process. It was great to speak with down to earth people, rather than having some pressure selling salesperson. I'll certainly be sharing with friends about how streamlined the process was. Most importantly John and Josh, thank you for helping me protect my family with this term life insurance policy. It is an important decision that you were part of, and I really appreciate everyone at Ethos.”

— Adrian L.

Myth 4: Insurance Through Work Is Enough

“I was completely at a loss as to what I wanted from my policy, since it was always just offered by whatever company I was working for at the time. My agent Josh made my whole experience a breeze! Beyond helpful and help me choose what was best for me! 100% recommend!”

— Sarah M.

Myth 5: It’s Expensive

“For the longest time, I’ve been avoiding in trying to get a Life Insurance because they are too expensive. I have never heard about Ethos until I’ve read one of the Personal Finance Blog and the Blogger recommended going with Ethos. Just out of curiosity, I decided to check it out online. I was surprised by the quote amount and how fast the agent responded back!

John from Ethos was able to get an even better awesome deal for me and it’s a good feeling knowing if something happens to me (knock on wood), at least those I care about will be covered. They’ve made my Life Insurance shopping so much easier. I definitely recommend using Ethos!”

— Chai W.

If you’re interested in learning more about life insurance with Ethos, you can get started by filling out a few questions to get a quote.