Track the Spread of Coronavirus through the U.S.

This article is part of our Covid Count effort to better understand and share information around the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid Count was created as an effort of Ethos for Good, a philanthropic initiative started by Ethos Life.

As of now, every state has experienced at least one case of COVID-19. And different parts of the country are taking different measures to ensure public health and safety. We’ve been reading articles about how Americans (of varying income levels or varying political leanings) are experiencing the crisis. Here is one time lapse that helps us better understand the spread across the United States.

See an interactive version here. Source: NYTimes

Here, we see that most of the cases that have been confirmed are concentrated in Washington, California, and New York. The time-lapse view helps us realize the velocity of the spread as well as the concentration of the spread. We see that the spread is also correlated with the population density.