Why Permission Marketing is Important for You

When uploading leads to the agent portal, learn the rules of the road. Find out more about permission marketing and how to make it work for you.

Permission for marketing is required by law. To avoid spam and build a healthy list, upload leads who have “opted-in” to your marketing communications.

What is permission marketing?

When requesting a client to opt-in, you must explicitly state that they’ll receive marketing communications, allowing you to communicate with them with consent. 

Typically, permission marketing is done by requesting a client’s email. You can ask clients to sign up via email through a form. You can market a form through various methods, such as on a website or in advertising. Here are a few examples of permission marketing language to use at the bottom of a form: 

[Name] and Ethos may offer personalized content and advertisements.

❒ I consent to receive [Name] and Ethos email communications.

❒ I consent to receive [Name] and Ethos call and text communications.

Why is permission marketing necessary?

When a client receives an unexpected communication and reports an email as spam, their inbox notifies the Internet service provider. This triggers suspicious activity trackers. If many people trigger the same by marking communication spam, the ISP can start blocking you from emailing some/all of your clients.

Ensure you have permission to market from the methods described above. We also recommend not sending email communications too often. Otherwise, you can get blocked from sending future emails to clients even if they have given you consent.

A great way to minimize clients reporting your email communications as spam is to send a welcome email once they opt in. For example:

“Hi [Client Name],

Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! You're now subscribed to communications from [agent name/agency]. Keep an eye out for exciting updates from us.”

This reminds clients of the benefits of permitting you to send them emails. 

Please refer to our Guidelines for Contacting Leads! This has great tips to help do things right.