Text Message Marketing
Many people prefer text messaging as a communication method. Know the most effective ways to engage with your customers, and pitfalls to avoid.

An important compliance note: It’s essential that you review and follow Ethos Legal & Compliance Guidelines as well as federal TCPA requirements when conducting any form of marketing, advertising or lead follow-up and outreach via text messaging or other method.


Text messaging is preferred by many people. It’s a direct, personal and conversational communication method that can be a great way to engage with your clients and prospects when used effectively. Unlike other forms of communication, direct messages are expected to be quick, casual, and to the point.

Text messaging may include:

Direct Text Messaging

  • Google Voice
  • WhatsApp
  • Text Message “drip” campaigns

Direct Messaging on Social Media

  • LinkedIn/Alignable (professional connection platforms)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter/Snapchat/TikTok/YouTube

Live Chat

  • Platforms & Messaging services

Websites & Pages

  • Google My Business
  • Business Website
  • Next Door
Text messaging examples

Introduction messages

Hi ____.  I’m _____  from _____.  I’ve received your request for more information about life insurance.  How can I help you today?

Hi ___.  I help moms and dads have peace of mind in case life goes unplanned, by providing simple, affordable life insurance options. Do you have time today for a quick 5-minute chat?

Hi ___.  I’m just getting back to you with the information you requested about life insurance.  I’m free to give you a quick call for 5 minutes today at ____.  Does that work for you?

Teaser messages

Hi  ____.  Would you be open to learning about a term life insurance plan to help protect your family if the process only took about 10 minutes or so online, and you didn’t have to meet with anyone in person? Click here to learn more: [Insert Client Invite link here]

Hi ____.  I wanted to let you know how simple it is to set up a life insurance policy with Ethos. No office visits and no nurses — it can all be done online & through email. Are you interested in learning more? If so, click here: [Insert Client Invite link here]

Hey ____.  I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Ethos yet — they help people get covered with life insurance quickly & easily with an online platform. If I sent you a link to my website, would you do me a favor and check it out?

Call to Action message

Hi ____.  Are you ready to cross life insurance off your to-do list? You can get a quote online in seconds, complete an application in minutes and get an instant offer today. Click here to learn more: [Insert Client Invite link here]

Follow-up message

Hi ___.  Did you know Ethos helps families protect their income, homes and lifestyle by providing affordable life insurance options, all online in just a few minutes — and most pre-existing conditions are covered! Do you still need help with that? Do you prefer to get more information over the phone or by text message?

Best practices

Keep these basics in mind with every text messaging campaign:

  • Always get permission to message someone
  • Everything you do should add value to your audience
  • Express urgency
  • Provide a clear call to action (CTA)
  • Follow all Ethos and federal rules & regulations

Send periodic, engaging messages

  • Share client testimonials
  • Share industry knowledge or statistics
  • Explain how insurance products work
  • Share interesting articles on relevant insurance topics
  • Create & share a short survey or poll
  • Run a contest and offer giveaways or prizes
  • Promote an event or community gathering/etc.

Include your unique Ethos Client Invite URL with a clickable link and a clear call to action

  • What do you want the customer to “do”?
  • Keep things simple and walk them down a path to take action
  • Let them know they can “get a life insurance quote and apply in just minutes”

Find a text messaging platform to automate this process & do the work for you

  • Simpletexting
  • Project Broadcast
  • Textedly
  • SlickText
  • Omnisend

Build a “subscriber list” of leads and contacts

  • Create an “opt-in” system
  • Provide a way to “opt out” 
  • Create targeted groups
  • Personalize messages for a specific group or audience

Track your results

  • Conduct a “split test” (send 2 messages to different groups and track results)
  • Stop/Start/Continue (what’s working/what’s not working)
  • Test small and then scale
  • Leverage the power of feedback