Agent Taylor Rumbo went all-in with Ethos

Agent Taylor Rumbo went all-in with Ethos and thinks you should, too.
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“Just jump right in!”

When Equis agent Taylor Rumbo of Ft. Worth, Texas tried Ethos for the first time, he quickly realized it had the power to transform his business—and he decided to go all-in.

Now, he says, “If [my clients] slot with Ethos, I’m going with Ethos, 100% of the time. You gotta do it. It’s a no-brainer.”

Hear Taylor walk through how he makes Ethos part of his regular sales motion, and why it works:

Find out how Taylor does it

What’s Ethos again?
Ethos provides agents and their clients with up to $2M in instant, accessible life insurance through a 100% online application.