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See alerts at a glance with new portal notifications

Jun 1, 2022
Agent portal notifications

Just as you’re constantly looking for new ways to improve your business, we’re always open to new changes for our agent portal. Our latest improvement? Gathering all of your most important alerts into one, centralized location. Meet the new notifications bar.

Now, when important updates require your attention, the bell icon in the upper right hand corner will display a red alert. Simply click the alert preview for more details. By having quick access to these updates, you can better prioritize your tasks and focus your efforts on the most urgent to-dos. So, as soon as the loving father you’ve been talking to activates his policy, you can be the first to congratulate him.

Example alerts include:

  • Policy updates
  • Application updates
  • Payments
  • Referrals
  • Downlines

To further centralize your portal experience, we moved the chat, settings, and logout buttons to the top bar. Now, all of your favorite portal features are easy to find—and even easier to use.

Log in to see the new notifications bar and start quoting!

For questions about this update, or to make other suggestions for improving the portal, reach out to your account manager.