New agent sells two policies at once with Ethos

FFL agent Pahl Schwab of Afton, Wyoming, helped protect his family and earned more than $9K from one Ethos phone call. Find out how he did it, then see our FAQs for details about our referral program and agent support.
pahl case study
New agent? No problem.

Like many, Pahl Schwab was a double newbie: new to life insurance, and new to Family First Life. Pahl knew one of the best ways to get started is to reach out to friends and family. So he talked to his father, Daniel Schwab, about applying for life insurance through Ethos.

Hands-on assistance for your clients

Daniel applied for and was approved for coverage, but was not ready to activate. “He was used to always doing it the old way with medical exams and all of that,” says Pahl. 

But when Dustin Hudges, a life-licensed support agent at Ethos, reached out to see if Daniel wanted a hand, “it caught me off guard. I said, ‘If you reach out, am I still going to get a commission?’ Dustin said, ‘Yes, I’m a commission-free agent here to help. I said, ‘This is slick!’”

When the approval was about to expire, Pahl told his dad, “‘You know what? Dustin is going to talk to you and we’re good!’”

Dustin connected with Daniel, answering his questions and building rapport. He discovered Daniel had a large term policy about to expire, and helped him activate a new Ethos term policy. Then, he asked some qualifying questions to understand the family’s protection needs.

Uncovering further opportunity

Through this conversation, they learned that Daniel’s wife, Kristi Schwab, also needed life insurance. Daniel handed the phone to Kristi. Dustin walked her through the app and activated her Ethos policy on the spot—resulting in not one but two family sales for Pahl. Although Dustin initiated the sale, because it was a referral from Pahl’s client, Pahl received the full commission for this and the original approved app [totaling more than $9,000 in earnings].

“It blew my parents away how fast it was”

“With Ethos cutting the middleman out and streamlining the process online, it blew my parents away how fast it was,” says Pahl. “They loved the efficiency. It's a simple way to get a younger generation involved in life insurance. You just send a link and say 'I'm here to help you if you need it.’ I think it's a step ahead and the next generation.”

Ethos is here to help you succeed!

Ethos provides experienced, licensed support to help you close approved applications, so you can get paid. In addition, when we reach your applicant, we’ll look for bigger opportunities such as larger policies or family referrals. Whether a single sale or additional referral business, you’re paid in full for every activation.

Get your next approved application started now!

How do referrals work at Ethos?

Glad you asked! 

  • Any application that we receive through your unique agent URL will be attributed to you. We provide you with a custom link so that you can market directly to your clients. As long as your customers use that link to complete and submit the application, you will receive attribution.
  • If any of your clients or their referrals purchases a policy from Ethos, you will also be attributed and credited with the sale. If your client refers another client from their member portal or another Ethos tool, we automatically send your unique agent link to the referral. Once the referral signs up with that link, they will be automatically attributed to you.

How does Ethos help me close sales?

Ethos’ licensed support agents will help you by continuing to provide support to your client, such as following up on an incomplete app. We clearly identify ourselves as support agents for you. 

Does Ethos ever sell directly to my client?

We never intentionally solicit your clients, either on the initial sale or by attempting to sell them third-party products that may compete with your product offerings.

For more information, please see our Agent FAQs (see ‘Our business relationship’) or our Terms and Conditions for Ethos Producer Agreements.