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New Ethos for Agents experience

Mar 2, 2022
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When we launched Ethos in 2016, we wanted to make it easier for all families to access affordable life insurance. 5% of children in the U.S. lose a parent before age 15, and 70% of those families will go bankrupt within three months if that parent was also the breadwinner.

By providing an easy 10-minute application, with instant decisions and no medical exams (just a few health questions), we’ve been able to help countless parents, breadwinners, spouses, seniors, and homeowners protect themselves and their loved ones in times of need. Today, we’re the largest term life insurance provider in the U.S.

And because we know that so many people want to work with their own insurance agent, we decided in 2020 to arm all of the agents and brokers out there with the same seamless insurance technology.

Today we’ve onboarded more than 17,000 agents to Ethos, helping them match their customers with the best policies out there, as fast as possible and without medical exams. And over the past year, these agents have given us tons of valuable feedback on our Agent experience, with great ideas for how to make the platform work even harder for them.

So, to kick off 2022, we’re releasing a new-and-improved Ethos for Agents Portal, which takes into account all of the great feedback we’ve received from all of you, our agents that choose to work with us each and every day.

Here’s a look at what’s new.

A faster, more transparent quoter

Now, you can find the right policy for your client in a few taps. But speed isn’t everything — we also now share even more insights with every quote, so you can more easily understand the policy we recommend, and why your client qualified for it.

You can also now get an even more accurate estimate with the new “power quote” option. Enter a few more details about your client (medical history, criminal history, etc), and our AI will deliver an even more accurate personalized quote for them.

And because we know your clients are eager to see their estimate fast, we made that easier, too. You can share estimates with them instantly, with the tap of a button.

customer life insurance quoter
Track your earnings

Many agents told us they want a clear look at how much they’ve earned, in real time. We thought that was a great idea. Now, you can see your earnings to date, plus a breakdown of earnings per-customer.

ethos agent dashboard earnings screenshot
Improved navigation

Our design wizards have worked hard to make sure you can find what you need, more easily, with our newly streamlined design. So while everything looks nicer, it’s easier to navigate, too. We’ve been on a mission to bring the best in technology to life insurance since Day 1, and with this update, we’re doing just that.

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New resources for everyone

There’s always something new to learn in this industry. Check out our new Resources tab for updated onboarding materials, access to our agent community, and expanded sales support tools including a new, comprehensive Ethos for Agents Playbook. The Resources tab is your new go-to hub for videos, articles, and other content we created to support you — so you can better support your clients.

ethos for agents handbook

We hope you love the fresh experience and look forward to seeing your feedback (and policy activations!).

Log in to start exploring our new-and-improved Ethos for Agents portal. To get started as an Ethos Agent, sign up here.