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Master telesales with top producer Alex Zabaski!

Sep 23, 2021
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The world is full of opportunities to increase your business; you’ll need to take the right approach to ensure the long-term success of policyholders and your business. Many top producers agree telesales is a proven sales approach to educate clients on the importance of life insurance, specific to their situation. Meet Alex Zabaski, a top life insurance producer who reveals his secrets in our latest webinar. Here he dives deep into the benefits of key products, outlines effective buying strategies, and reveals how to close with an effective script. Let’s take a look!

Why does he choose Ethos?

Ethos provides agents a fast, accessible, and dynamic way to keep up with client demands. Instant decisions, without the need for medical exams, (just a few health-related questions). With a range of carriers, dedicated account management, and live chat, Ethos is a great option.“What makes Ethos great for all agents, regardless of experience, is Ethos shops around for the right product for your client automatically in the platform, offers instant approvals, and takes care of all the client back-and-forth. They provide the best agent experience in the market today. It’s dramatically boosted my success,” Alex says.

Improve lead flow with the right mindset and philosophy

While it’s difficult to find the perfect lead source, thankfully, there is no shortage of options! Be sure to listen in to hear what Alex recommends and why he advises you to always negotiate pricing with your lead provider. Without a doubt, meeting the unique needs of your clients and their goals will allow you to thrive for years to come. Alex is often asked, “How do you gauge lead generation quality?” He advises shifting your perspective from cost-per-lead to a more service-based, results-oriented method. You’ll want to focus on the ROI (or return on investment), which in your case, is the cost per policy. See below for an example of how Alex measures ROI.

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Effective telesales requires more than a great script!

Your script is only a single piece of the one-call-close puzzle. Remember, life insurance policies protect the interests of families; fulfilling the needs of clients requires compassion and attention to detail. Be aware of your tone, pace, and energy level before ever picking up the phone. You are the expert. Take their symptoms - or answers to the questions you ask during a conversation - and assure them they will find a policy that best fits their family member’s needs.

A great way to start a conversation is by asking questions and getting to know what your client needs, such as: ‘Do you currently have insurance?’, ‘Are you familiar with the process?’, ‘Why do you need life insurance?’, and ‘Who does it need to cover?’ It’s important to set expectations, understand their goals, and build trust every step of the way. You’ll always walk away with another protected family when you help educate a client on the importance of protecting their family.

Ready to take your telesales to the next level?

Alex Zabaski’s Telesales Mastery Webinar is the perfect path to growth. Visit the agent portal or sign up for Ethos today to get access.

Who is Alex Zabaski?

Alex is an independent life insurance agent with multiple years of doing over $1m in annual premium under his belt. Helping over 5,000 clients obtain life insurance coverage, he sits as a top agent with Ethos. Alex is also a proud Ethos policyholder.

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