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Lend your clients a hand with the new agent-assisted app

Oct 12, 2022

Sometimes a client needs more than an online form—they need a hand. Now, Ethos lets you submit applications with your clients right from the portal!

Our new agent-assisted flow is a great new option when you want to offer this level of consultative service. With this new feature, you can fill out an application while on a call or in a meeting with them. The only thing they have to do online is sign the policy.

You now have 2 ways to submit applications with Ethos: 

  1. Let your client apply. Your client can apply directly through your agent landing page, and complete the application themselves. 
  2. Submit an application with your clients. You can apply with your clients, providing assistance over the phone or in-person.
How to submit an application with your clients
  1. Start an application before creating a quote. Go to the Application tab in the agent portal to start an application with a client. 
  2. Start an application for an existing client. Go to the Customers tab to find your clients with quotes outstanding, or those who’ve started applications. Select the customer you want to help submit an application, and click “Start Application”. 
  3. Start an application immediately after creating a quote. Click “Apply Now”.

Watch this video to see it in action!

How it works
  • Once you click “Start Application” or “Apply Now” (see above), your client will receive an email letting them know you’re starting an application on their behalf.
  • The application will open in a new tab. There, you can apply with your client, answering some medical and lifestyle questions about them along the way. 
  • When the application is complete, the client will receive an email to sign the application and activate their policy.
Resume the application at any time

If you or your customer drops off during the application process, you can return to the exact place you left off at any time:

  1. Go to your Customers tab and find the customer profile
  2. Click ‘Resume Application’
  3. Choose to assist the client by resuming the application yourself, or send an email to your customer to complete the app on their own
Track the application status

In your Customers tab, you can see the status of your client’s application, including whether it’s submitted, approved, or in-force, and if there are any next steps for your client, such as signing the application or providing payment.

Continue to invite clients to apply directly
For clients who prefer to apply themselves, click on “Invite Client” in the agent portal to share your unique agent landing page. Or click “Quoter” in the agent portal to generate and share a quote.
Agent training webinar
Want to learn more? Watch our webinar as we walk through the new agent-assisted experience and answer any questions.