How it works

Here at Ethos, we take pride in providing a faster, better, and easier life insurance experience for you and your clients. Our mission is to protect the next million families and we intend to do just that with an honest and transparent process. Take a look at how it works.

How Ethos can help you
With the pace of modern life, people are looking for fast and simple solutions. This is why thousands of independent insurance agents rely on Ethos' fast, 100% online process so that they can focus on what matters - their clients.
Flexible and Affordable
Ethos offers a wide range of coverage options and policies so you can offer the right level of support at the right price for your client. An applicant can get $1M of coverage for less than $1 a day.
Zero case management
Nobody has time to deal with long paper applications, chasing down medical exams, or dealing with administrative headaches. Say goodbye to all of it with Ethos. You'll have full visibility into your applicants' progress but once the application is finished, so are you.
make money
Competitive compensation
We pay competitive compensation for our referring agents and within days of policy activation. Combine that with the time you'll save with a 100% online application and zero case management and you can serve more clients with Ethos.
Over $400M of invested capital
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We saw a problem with the life insurance industry. And a way to fix it.

The traditional life insurance process could take weeks to complete—and that’s just the application. It could involve confusing paperwork and long phone calls with agents. At the end of the day, it wasn’t as people-friendly as it could be.

We set out to change that.

Ethos has redesigned the application process from start to finish to make sure you and your clients always come first. How? By offering flexible coverage options, eliminating unnecessary hassles, and giving you access to valuable online tools including our industry leading Ethos for Agent portal.

Your business, your way.
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