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First time logging in
  1. Go to https://saleslink.fglife.com/.
  2. Enter your agent number as your username. You can find your agent ID in the packet F&G will mail you or you can contact F&G's contracting team.
  3. Use a lowercase “s” followed by your social security number (no dashes or spaces) as your initial password.
  4. Change your password in your login preferences in the My Account tab at the top menu.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get contracted?
Log in to SureLC to begin your contracting. Please contact your Contracting Team for any questions.

How long does contracting take to be processed?
Contracting paperwork will be processed in 24-48 hours.

What are the key requirements to get contracted to sell F&G’s IUL products?
Agent’s license for the resident state is required, as well as any non-resident appointments indicated on the contracting form. Agents writing in restricted states (PA) should contact contracting in advance of soliciting business in that state.

F&G also pulls records from Vector and runs additional background checks for criminal and credit records.

Who do I contact for contracting questions?
You will need to contact F&G Agency Services (800-445-6758, option 4).

Who do I contact for product-related questions?
F&G’s Sales Support team (800-445-6758, option 2, option 2) is your go-to resource for all day-to-day sales support needs: illustrations, product questions, and case design support.

Where do I view my commission pay?
You can either log in to your F&G portal to view any commission payment information OR contact F&G Agency Services (800-445-6758, option 4).

Note: F&G encourages all agents to be set up on ACH/EFT commissions.

Can I see my applications, policies, and commissions on the Ethos Agent Portal?
At this time, F&G applications, policies, and commissions data are not available on Ethos Agent Portal. Please visit your F&G Agent portal for this information.

For more information

F&G support

F&G Sales Support team (F&G’s internal wholesaling team): 

  1. 800-445-6758, option 2, option 2 or 
  2. life.sales@fglife.com

Life New Business for questions related to cases you submitted:  

  1. 800-445-6758, option 2, option 1 or 
  2. LifeCaseMgmt@fglife.com

Agency Services to get updates on your contracting, commissions, and licensing:  

  1. 800-445-6758, option 4 or 

  2. Contracting.Support@fglife.com 

Policyholder Services: 

  1. 800-445-6758, option 2, option 1

F&G training resources

F&G hosts regular live training sessions, offers on-demand agent training, and more.

F&G recorded webinars