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Close the sale sooner with the Ethos Estimator

May 3, 2022
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The new Ethos Estimator is an easy-to-use quoter widget (online tool) that lives right on your site. When a client visits, they can enter a few details, then see an accurate life insurance estimate in seconds. From there, they can apply with Ethos in just a few minutes. And it’s all powered by one line of code on your website.

In other words, they get covered fast — and you get all the credit ($).

Read on to learn why we created the Ethos Estimator, how it’s good for business, and our zero-hassle process for adding it to your site.

Created with feedback from agents like you

“I want to embed a consumer friendly widget to my sites so that the customers that end up on my site can get Ethos quotes and begin an app. I want this to be easy to implement and I want to make sure that all the quotes and app starts are attributed to me.”

You asked, we delivered. The Ethos Estimator is the result of more great input from agents like you.

We have three goals for the Ethos Estimator:

  1. Boost your compensation. Clients aren’t likely to apply — and generate compensation for you — without seeing prices first. This widget makes it easier than ever.
  2. Keep it simple and speedy. This life insurance quoter generates an accurate estimate with a few basic details, like age, nicotine use, and desired coverage. Using it takes seconds.
  3. Make implementation easy. The Ethos Estimator only requires adding a single line of code to your site.
Designed to supercharge activations

Through our research, we hypothesize that clients may be more likely to submit an application and purchase a policy if they have easy access to life insurance quotes. This widget puts the price in front of them within seconds. If they decide to apply, we credit the attribution and compensation to you.

Adding the Ethos Estimator to your site shows clients you care about sharing transparent pricing. They can tinker with the widget to see how certain factors affect their rate. This level of transparency reinforces your credibility as their go-to life insurance expert. All with minimal effort from you!

How to add it to your site

Go to your agent portal resources to get the Ethos Estimator. Under "Grow your business" you'll find the widget code. This widget is available as a single line of code you can copy and paste into your site for easy implementation.

As a security precaution, your site must have SSL/TSL (this means the URL must begin with “https:” and not “http:”) in order to be eligible for the widget.

Tip: Plan to put the widget in a highly visible spot, like your homepage. Be sure to promote it in your social channels and other client communication, too.

Start using it now

This quoter supports an incredible client experience and represents the same tech that other products use to attract high-intent customers. Now, you can take advantage of this powerful sales tool for your own life insurance business.

Licensed life agents only. Agents are expected to act within the scope of their license. Commissions are payable to licensed life insurance agents only.