Digital Marketing Toolkit
Top-performing assets and guidelines for agents.
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At Ethos, we’re in the business of helping families find life insurance with less hassle. Our online application and advanced algorithmic underwriting technology have revolutionized the industry. Today, we can approve about 95% of people, instantly.

As an agent working with Ethos, you play an important role in helping more people discover Ethos—and the peace of mind provided by life insurance. Use this toolkit to communicate clearly and consistently about Ethos. In turn, you’ll attract new brand followers for yourself. Leverage these top performing assets to educate your consumers about life insurance and help them purchase the right policy for them.

This toolkit includes source files for a full suite of co-marketing assets, which you can customize (where indicated) to incorporate your brand.

Top performing media assets
Use these top performing assets from our direct-to-consumer business to drive results.
social assets
Organic social and paid advertising
Share this social content on your own feed to bring potential customers to your personalized agent website. We’ve provided copy and image assets to make posting extra simple.
postcard assets
Use this postcard in your marketing efforts to educate customers about how easy it is to get life insurance. These postcards direct recipients to get a quote online via a QR code. We recommend working with a local vendor to print and distribute the postcards. Dimensions: 6 x 4”
envelope assets
Envelope and self-mailer
Use this mailer in your marketing efforts to educate customers about how easy it is to get life insurance. This mailer directs recipients to get a quote online via a QR code.
Evergreen media assets
Use these assets to educate clients on life insurance and how they can activate a policy through Ethos easily.
email series
Email series
These emails are an essential part of your co-branded communications plan. Use them to drive customers toward learning more about life insurance and getting a quote.
These brochures give a quick overview of why life insurance matters and how Ethos makes it easy to find a policy. It includes space to add your logo. Dimensions: 8.5 x 11”
one sheet
This one-sheet about life insurance and how Ethos works is perfect for customers who need a quick overview. It also includes some basic pricing information and encourages people to get a quote in seconds online. Available in English and Spanish.
Distribute this via social media, as an email attachment, on your website, or anywhere else you want customers to learn more about life insurance. Be sure to include a link to your agent landing page anywhere you share the infographic.
blog content
Blog content
Copy and paste this content to your own blog platform to resolve your customers’ doubts and encourage them to get a quote.
copy blocks
Copy blocks
Use these copy blocks to talk about life insurance and Ethos on your website, 
in social, in emails, or anywhere else you 
need content. The blocks are available in varying lengths to suit various needs.
Browse our image library to support written content across social media, landing pages, emails, collateral, and more.
How to use the toolkit assets
Learn how to access email and blog copy, plus add logos to assets in Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat. Full step-by-step guide here.
Using Photoshop
Use these steps to add your logo to Adobe Photoshop files.
adobe acrobat
Using Adobe Acrobat
google docs
Using Google Docs
Brand guidelines
using our logo
Using our logo
Don’t stretch, warp, or otherwise modify the Ethos logo in any way.
Using our logo with your logo
When used in a logo lockup, the Ethos logo should always be situated on the left, with the partner logo on the right.
Using our fonts
The Ethos primary brand typeface is Cambon. It comes in two weights. Our secondary typeface is Theinhardt. Use it in secondary locations, like subheads and body copy.
Editorial guidelines
Stay consistent in copy

This toolkit includes complete copy for all enclosed marketing assets. Please refrain from modifying copy supplied by Ethos, which has been thoroughly vetted for legal compliance.

However, if you encounter a situation where you need to write new copy for a co-branded piece, please use the copy blocks provided on page 19 as 
a starting point, and follow these basic guidelines.

The complete Ethos copy style guide is also available upon request.

When writing messages on behalf of your own brand, it’s acceptable to use your established 
voice and tone.

The basics

  • Use the serial (or Oxford) commas
  • Leave periods off headlines and subheads, unless they have other punctuation, like commas.
  • Write headlines in sentence case.
  • Use periods at the end of bulleted statements if they’re full sentences. Inversely, leave periods off of incomplete sentences in a bulleted list.
  • Generally, avoid exclamation points.
  • Feel free to use contractions—they’re great.
  • Write URLs in all lowercase letters. Leave off prefixes like “www.”

Our name

For legal purposes, our name must be consistent in marketing materials. 
These names are always okay:

  • Ethos Technologies Inc.
  • Ethos

While our URL is, Ethos Life isn’t an acceptable form of our name.

PR guidelines

Ethos is happy to coordinate joint public relations efforts but requires approval from our internal team to do so. Please follow the guidelines in this Q&A.

What does Ethos’ PR team need to review before publishing?

Any external material that mentions Ethos needs approval from the company’s communications and legal teams. This includes press releases, media pitches, blog posts, white papers, use of Ethos’ logo, and other marketing materials like case studies.

How should agents seek approval of external material that mentions Ethos?

Send all PR requests to Allyson Savage at We will determine participation based on a number of factors such as newsworthiness, other upcoming events, and whether or not the material supports Ethos’ messaging.

Legal guidelines
Important details for our agents

Life insurance is a heavily regulated 
industry. Sharing marketing assets that 
don’t pass compliance muster can result in 
serious consequences.

First and foremost, it's important that marketing material accurately reflects the scope of the sender's selling authority. 
We’ve created the marketing materials in this kit for senders who aren’t licensed to sell life insurance. These materials enable you to share the Ethos life insurance opportunity with your customers in a compliant way. 
Both licensed and unlicensed individuals 
may use these.

Selling, soliciting, or negotiating life insurance should be done by licensed life agents only. These agents are expected to act within the scope of their license. Marketing materials developed for licensed agents can only be distributed by them.

View complete guidelines

Finding help
Email us at with questions, suggestions for future versions of this toolkit, or to share your agent success story. We’d love to hear from you!