Compensation & Advance Pay FAQs


What are the new compensation rates?
Agents and agencies starting January 2nd, 2023 will be moved to new compensation rates based on your 2022 annual premium and compensation. Please see the following compensation rates based on your current tier in the chart below. Note: if you are an agency parent, downline compensation will also be automatically adjusted based on your historical override by product.


Can I request an increase in compensation?
Compensation cannot be negotiated but can be increased. In order to increase to another compensation tier, you must pace towards achieving that tier’s annualized in-force annual premium for 2 consecutive months in order to qualify for the compensation tier change. You do not need to request an increase. If you meet this requirement, your compensation will automatically be increased to the appropriate tier.

How can I find my compensation tier?
To learn more about what your current compensation tier is, please reach out to our team at

My agency is larger and can produce more than the tiers. How do I discuss getting a custom contract? For larger agencies, contact us at to discuss custom compensation and Advanced Pay contracting options.

What is the new Advance Pay structure?
All agents or agencies starting January 2nd, 2023 will be moved to our new Advance Pay structure. If you are currently As Earned or have Advance Pay, please see the table below. Agents who are As Earned can request Advance Pay if the criteria are met.


What are the Advance Pay criteria?
To be eligible for Advance Pay, all individual agents or agencies must have $10K in Annualized In-Force AP, no Vector One debt, and a life license for at least 1 year.

How do I request Advance Pay?
You can request Advance Pay if you are As Earned. If you meet the criteria, fill out the form here and our team will review your request. Note: Eligibility does not guarantee Advance Payment.

What’s the policy for chargebacks?
Ethos may charge back from the agent any amounts Ethos pays or owes to any of its carriers due to any lapse, rescission or other policy termination. Ethos may request repayment from the agent or may deduct from compensation otherwise due to the agent.