What your clients can expect

With Ethos, your clients can expect a fast and easy application process, often advancing from quote to coverage the same day. As an agent, you'll receive emailed notifications of their activity, so you can help them progress to the next step.
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Step 1

Once you have generated a quote for your client, they'll receive an emailed link to review the product type, coverage amount, and premium cost.

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Step 2

When they click the Apply Now button, they'll be taken through a short series of profile questions and given options for the coverage length and amount that best meets their needs.

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Step 3

After their preferred coverage is selected, your client will complete their application by answering health, lifestyle, financial, family, driving, and occupation questions as well as selecting a beneficiary.

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Step 4

As soon as your client submits their application, the Ethos automated underwriting process will instantly assess their information and, in most cases, provide immediate onscreen approval as well as an email follow up.

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Step 5

If your client accepts, they simply enter their premium payment information to activate their new policy. That's it—your client can now rest assured that those who depend on them are protected.

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