Life Insurance

Plan to boost revenue with new estate planning tools

Jul 27, 2022
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You already trust Ethos to find the right life insurance for your clients. Now, you can use it to give them even more protection—with access to online estate planning tools, available at no additional cost with eligible policies. Use this new perk to deliver added value, increase retention, and grow your business.

One policy, even more protection

Once your eligible clients activate their policy through Ethos, we’ll invite them to explore our full suite of online estate planning tools (a $898 value):

  • Legal will: Determines how assets are distributed, who will care for dependents, and who will manage the logistics of those decisions.
  • Power of attorney: Hands temporary financial decision-making authority to a trusted person if someone becomes incapacitated.
  • Living trust: Distributes money over time and allocates funds to specific needs, like education and housing.
  • Medical consent: Provides instructions to a caregiver for a dependent’s medical emergencies.
  • Healthcare directive: Specifies what medical actions should be taken in the event someone is no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacity.

No other distributor is offering the same 360 degrees of protection. Here’s why that’s great news for you.

Improve client retention the easy way

Clients stick around longer when you can show them added value. And we don’t just mean a fruit basket or friendly email on their birthday (although those are nice, too). 

You can be the agent who helps them get life insurance and organize their estate—all with zero hassle. When their friends and family need life insurance, they’ll be more likely to refer you. 

Best of all, offering these tools requires no extra work on your part. Once your client activates their policy, they can build their estate plan in the Ethos member dashboard in about 15 minutes or less.

Stand out from competitors

Giving your clients easy access to estate planning tools automatically puts you ahead of other agents. Instead of a one-and-done transaction, estate planning tools help you support them through every stage of life. 

Life insurance is an excellent first step to protecting their loved ones financially, but having an estate plan ensures their family won’t be left dealing with unanswered questions about their wishes if they become incapacitated or die unexpectedly.

Extra protection = extra revenue

This perk is a key differentiator that could help you activate more policies, prevent lapses, and earn more referrals over time. That’s money in your pocket tomorrow, and further down the line.

Here’s how we recommend making the most of the estate planning opportunity:

  • Include it in your sales scripts.
  • Use it as a reason to reach out and re-engage potential clients.
  • If someone’s term is close to expiring, give them even more reason to purchase a new policy.
  • Reach out to clients who have recently experienced major life events, such as buying a new home or welcoming a new child to the family.

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