Agent boosts sales with Ethos Agent-Assisted App

Savvy agent shares how they’ve used the new feature to close dozens of new sales.
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While many clients enjoy Ethos’ quick online application, some clients need hands-on assistance. Any life-licensed agent can use our Agent-Assisted App as a great way to offer clients a deeper level of consultative service.

Michael Orsini, a Goosehead agent, has seen great results with the tool. “I have completed applications for life insurance on many platforms in the last five years. The application process with Ethos is by far the most simple, efficient solution I have ever experienced.” 

Michael quickly saw the Agent-Assisted App as an opportunity to expand his success. “It’s helped grow my business by allowing me to complete the application process with my client and close more sales.”

Streamlining sales processes

At Ethos, there are multiple ways for agents to sell. For example, agents can market their website link through social, email, advertising, and other channels. Or agents can create a quote for a client using the Quoter in the agent portal and share the quote via email. 

With the Agent-Assisted App, increase phone sales and lend a hand to clients who need extra help with the application. Find the Agent-Assisted App feature in the agent portal and fill out an application while on a call or in a meeting with the client. When the application is complete, the client will receive an email to sign the application and activate their policy. It’s that easy.

It’s a win-win. The client is able to quickly and easily apply for life insurance. Agents save time, have no case management, and get paid!

The results
In the last few months since launching the feature, Michael has activated 35 policies.

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