Agent success story:
Patrick Tirol

Life Agent
Location: New Jersey
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Eliminating the “grunt work” of life insurance

With more than a decade of experience in life insurance, Patrick Tirol knows how time-consuming the application process can be. Now with Ethos in his toolbelt, his clients are able to skip the tedious medical exams (answer just a few health questions) and paperwork that delays policy activation.

Speedy onboarding for clients

“Signing someone up is so easy. I’ve never seen that before. [With traditional 
 life insurance,] you have to do so much grunt work to have a medical done. Sometimes you miss a piece of a document. With the Ethos platform, I can 
 close them right then and there. We can save them four to six weeks.”

The right products for the right people

“There are a lot of insurance agents that have highfalutin products, which are okay for the right people. Many of my clients are 30–45, give or take. I like the ones that are married with a couple of kids, house. If you offer them a million dollars of whole life, that’s overkill. Ethos provides a strong and simple way to get term life insurance. It aligns with the mission and vision I have.”

A bright future ahead

“In the next two to five years, I think most of my sales should come from Ethos because pound for pound it’s the fastest. It’s the most efficient platform I’ve seen. I don’t even want to entertain others. I just want to keep myself on a very solid product line and just Ethos.”


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