Agent success story:
Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson Insurance Agency/Appalachian
Location: Valdosta, Georgia
larry case study
The challenge

Venturing out as a one-man show

Larry Johnson first stepped into the field by chance when he ran into a friend who asked him to come try selling insurance at the agency she worked for. He joined the firm and quickly realized that it was a perfect career path for him.

He spent five years with that agency, focusing on property and casualty insurance, and in 2021 decided to step out on his own, creating Larry Johnson Insurance Agency. But just before moving, the agency started working with Ethos. He wrote two quick life policies, and the success of that experience stuck with him as he struck out on his own.

The solution

Quick, easy life policies

As Larry ventured out on his own, “I remembered how easy it was to write those policies,” he said.

He realized that a large portion of his clients fell into the 30-40-year-old demographic and were purchasing their first homes or figuring out retirement and investments plans for the first time.

He saw this group as ideal for life insurance policies. “It was kind of easy to tap into this group compared to people who hadn’t even started thinking about life insurance.”

He knew offering policies on the Ethos platform was the right way to go. “The time savings is the biggest thing,” said Larry. “We’re looking for convenience, especially when there are other things you have to do.”

That convenience includes no medical exams (just a few health questions), a quick 10-minute process, and a 100% online application.

“I don’t mind doing paper applications, but with me being a one-person office that could be extremely time-consuming for me,” he said. “In 5-10 minutes, you’re done. You can’t beat it.”

The results

Larry is seeing his business scale with the help of Ethos. And as he continues his journey with his agency and Ethos, he’s exploring his existing book of business.

“What I’m doing right now is going down my current client list, so all my P&C and homeowners’ insurance customers, and circling back around to them about life insurance,” said Larry.

He’s been especially pleased with the support he’s received from Ethos’ team. “I’m working with a person right now who’s been extremely helpful,” said Larry. “He calls often, and he’s definitely filled me in on information that I didn’t know.”

The future

Larry has his eye on expansion. With his agency growing quickly, he’s in the process of bringing another fully licensed, experienced agent for support.

“Once I get her up and running, I’m going to have her focus mostly on P&C clients,” he said. “And then I’m going to focus on business and life clients.”

And as part of this plan, Larry will be expanding his marketing efforts. He’s hoping he’ll have time to move into radio marketing and do a bit of old-fashioned door-to-door style marketing like he used to do.


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