Agent success story:
Brittany Poster

Enterprise America
Location: Dallas, Texas
brittany case study
The challenge

Bringing life insurance in-house

With 20-plus years in integrated real estate services, Enterprise America was an established business. And while they specialized in mortgages, bridge loans, private equity, small business loans, and more, one area they outsourced was life insurance.

Enter Brittany Poster. Hired as the new director of insurance, Brittany was committed to bringing life insurance in-house for the business.

“Life insurance is necessary to our customers, as we get a lot of customers who are getting small business administration loans in the commercial department,” she said. SBA loans require life insurance policies as collateral in the event of the applicant’s unexpected death.

The solution

Instant, easy approvals for clients

That’s where Ethos came in. With no medical exams—just a few short health questions—and instant online approvals, it was a great fit for Brittany’s clients.

“As these customers are applying for loans, they have so much paperwork and so much digging into their taxes, their bank statements, and other financial details. But Ethos is straightforward,” said Brittany. “It’s very easy.”

It’s due to the ease of use, excellent customer service, policies up to $2 million, and increased efficiency that Brittany said “there’s no reason I wouldn’t use Ethos in the case of competing between Ethos and a similar provider.”

The results

Bringing life insurance in-house

Getting her clients funded more quickly with Ethos has allowed her to scale her business by bringing most of her life insurance cases in-house.

“If I have something that’s working, I just stick with it,” said Brittany. “And Ethos sends commission checks really quickly. If I write with too many places, I’ll just be chasing checks all the time and that reduces my productivity.”

The future

As Brittany looks into the future, she has big plans. When the company’s book of business recently hit a financial milestone they needed in order to expand, she saw potential.

“With this financial milestone, we can begin hiring more people,” said Brittany.

And with that growth brings the opportunity for Brittany and her team to solicit life insurance sales independent of the loan process.

As that happens, the life insurance department can evolve into a core revenue-generating part of the business instead of being an outsourced service, 
making Brittany, her team, and her department a key player in the future of 
Enterprise America.


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