Agent success story:
Alex Labrinos

Agency: Insurance at Your Fingertips
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Alex headshot

Getting clients covered with one phone call

Alex Labrinos is all about making big changes to land big wins. After rerouting his career from radio advertising to life insurance, he found yet another way to think outside the box—working with Ethos to get more clients covered, faster. And it’s paying off.

Eliminating the hassles of traditional life insurance

“When I first started, you would write a sale or take an application and—if it's fast—that might take three weeks. I have a case right now [with a traditional carrier] that's 97 days in underwriting because they just keep having to get medical records. Stuff like that happens all the time with traditional life insurance. Ethos is a game changer because it avoids all that.”

"There’s a big product gap that was satisfied.”
- Alex Labrinos

Hooking prospects with a simplified process

“I know how people work over the phone. The more space you give them, the more likely they're going to disappear. I used to have a placement ratio problem—maybe 35% of the cases I wrote got placed. But now I'm at like 75%, because of Ethos. With Ethos, you can do a first call close and get it done in one call. That dramatically decreases the fall off.”

Closing the coverage (and commission) gap

“People who would have to get a final expense whole life product, they could never get more than $20,000–$30,000. But now [with Ethos], they could get $100,000 term or maybe up to $300,000 term. So, there's a big product gap right there that was satisfied.”

“It's been a nice shift. I think most of our commissions get paid from Ethos. We do business with many top carriers. However, most of our commissions now come from Ethos.”


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