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New! Agent portal updates to help grow your business

Sep 16, 2022

It’s now simpler than ever to understand quotes, control and view applications, and increase conversions. Go to your agent portal to start using these features.

Check out what's new in this video!

Easier quoting

Present the Ethos-recommended quote first

You’ll now see the Ethos-recommended quote that’s most likely to be approved for the customer. This helps you focus your client conversation on the quote that’s most likely to result in a placed policy, rather than seeing all options immediately. Other options will still be displayed below our recommendation.

Show clients cost per day

Your clients can see the cost per day of their quote. They will understand just how affordable life insurance can be, so they’re more likely to activate their policy.

View your estimated earnings

You can see your estimated earnings for the first year of a given policy, so you know just how much you’ll make if you place the policy.

quoting image

Simpler product naming

We heard your feedback. We've updated our product names to be simple, clear, and distinctive to you and your client. See the new names below.

product names
More control and visibility

See application updates in real-time

Check the status of a client’s application change in real-time on the agent portal. You can see exactly what your clients are doing while they’re doing it, and provide help where they need it.

Get the status of an application

See what stage an application is in so you can understand where each of your customers are at all times.

Be better prepared for meetings

Easily look up a client’s details or policy, so you have all the information you need before you get on a call with them or meet them.

product image
Better client searchability

See where clients are in the funnel

Get lists of your clients by application stage, policy status, or date range, so you can target your follow-ups for the most impact.

An improved agent landing page

Drive more applications with clearer benefits and an updated client FAQ

With your updated landing page, it’s now easier for your clients to see why Ethos is the best option for them.

Get more inbound contact with more prominent agent contact information

Your name, email, and phone number are now more prominent, so clients can easily reach out with any questions. Share your agent link on your social media, so clients can apply themselves and contact you directly with questions.

landing page image
Expanded Ethos Underwriting and Product Guidelines

Our side-by-side view of product and underwriting information has been expanded to include more product and knockout condition detail.

We hope these features will help you grow your business even further with Ethos!

Agent portal webinar
Learn more about the portal updates with our webinar recording.
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