8 pro tips for success with Ethos, from an industry veteran

Here’s how our platform creates powerful new sales channels for you — and what you need to do to make it happen, according to Marty Schafer,  Ethos’ chief distribution officer.
Marty S

Competition runs through the veins of Marty Schafer, our chief distribution officer. Over his 26-year career, he’s started successful businesses across the life insurance spectrum. And he’s passionate about the singular opportunity Ethos provides for life agents to unlock a whole new level of earning potential.

Here, he shares 8 key principles life agents should understand in order to maximize the power of the Ethos system.

1. Our greatest enemy is time.

“It takes time to knock on those doors and drive from point to point. People who are successful work really, really hard but I guarantee there’s always dead time. Ethos is the filler for that time. 

“Ethos provides a way for you to drive additional revenue while you’re out there doing that process. We’re not here to displace that process. We’re the sauce on the steak.”

2. Technology is all about efficiency.

“Your greatest asset is time. And we are the greatest efficiency tool in the business. We are the Amazon of your sales motion. Because we enable you to monetize time with technology. That’s where the real magic happens.”

3. You’ve got free access to a multimillion-dollar agency management system.

“We are not a carrier. We are a technology company. And we’ve built an online agency in a box for you. You’ve got access — for free — to a multimillion-dollar agency management system. 

“You’ve got a live portal to manage customers and earnings. You’ve got comprehensive sales resources and training. You’ve got your own unique URL, digital marketing campaign templates, and our own fresh, high-intent leads. 

“What if you created an automated marketing campaign to follow up on those high-intent leads while you’re out doing other things? In 12 minutes, they could click on your link and own a policy.”

4. We’ve given you the tools to create your own direct-to-consumer life insurance agency.

“Ethos runs social media ads for its own consumer business because it works. Likewise, there are lots of agents out there today who sell Ethos on their social media channels. They can do this just like we do, because we’ve created a platform that allows them to.”

5. Our automated marketing system grows exponentially bigger the larger your team gets.

“Ethos automates the marketing of your leads. If you buy 50 leads and get 1 sale every week from these leads, that’s a nice source of revenue. Now multiply those earnings by the number of agents on your team. No one knocked on any doors or set up any appointments. 

“We have hundreds of thousands of consumers that come in through our funnel. They clicked on the link, many already entered a lot of information but got pulled away. Now these leads go to you. We’d love for these to be Ethos sales but our higher goal is to insure more Americans, so you can use any carrier you want to make the sale.”

6. The variable is you.

“There’s a little gap between spending, say, $5K on leads, and the conversion percentage: you. The variable is you, and how you decide to focus your energy. For example, you can use Ethos to sell to leads that may be harder to convert. If you’ve had no success converting leads or they’re unwilling to meet face to face, send them your Ethos link with a personalized note. Load your leads into our portal and set up an automated marketing campaign. That’s how you actually scale your business.”

7. Smart agents know where their breakage is — and will do anything to solve it.

“Most agents want to sell more. What’s holding you back from building an automated marketing system into your workflow? Identify where your areas of weakness are and address them. Many agents will go to a conference, write down 50 things and do none of them. Know what to focus on.”

8. When you operate under something greater than just a basic economic goal, great things happen.

“At Ethos, our goal is to ensure more Americans, although we have a strong economic engine and monetary goals to achieve. Our larger goal is our guiding light, and our ultimate metric of success is how many families we have protected within a given month, quarter, or year.”

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