Referral Widget for Sales Agents Use Only

Generate customer's unique referral link and share it with them!
Here’s how it works:
number 1 circle icon
Generate and share customer's link
Generate customer's unique referral link and share it.
number 2 circle icon
Customer shares it with their friends/family
Anyone they think may benefit from life insurance, as long as they meet our general eligibility requirements.
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Friends/family activate
Friends/family of the customer activate!
Who should the customer refer?
Anyone the customer personally knows who could benefit from life insurance coverage, especially someone who falls into one of the following categories.
Two life partners embracing
Married couples
Every person who's married should consider having coverage to protect their better half.
A child's mobile
If they've got kids, they've got things like college tuition to protect.
House keys
Homeowners should consider protecting their mortgage and other home-related expenses with life insurance.
An older individual
If someone like an elderly parent relies on them for financial support, they may need coverage in case something were to happen to them.
The (important) fine print for the customers

The terms of our referral program make clear that the customer can only refer their friends, family members, or colleagues whom they personally know. The program explicitly prohibits:

  • Posting referral codes on any website to share the codes with people you do not personally know
  • Paying someone to apply to Ethos for coverage
  • Creating multiple or fake accounts with Ethos
  • Using bulk distribution or spam email to strangers
  • Referring a person more than once
  • Encouraging people to submit inaccurate information in their application to get approved (this is insurance fraud, which may be prosecuted as a felony)

This Program only applies to Legal & General America/Banner Life, and Ameritas.

At Ethos, we always aim to do the right thing and comply with all laws, so we’re not able to provide referral rewards to anyone who violates these terms. These guidelines are here to help the customer avoid violating any laws while sharing Ethos. So please don’t violate these rules, because insurance fraud is serious, and we don’t want anyone committing felonies.

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