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What Good is a Policy You Can't Afford?

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We recommend that your policy cost less than 1% of your monthly income. That’s it. For the median household, that’s less than $50 a month ($50 well spent). In return, you get peace of mind knowing that those who depend on you will be covered in case the worst happens to you.

What else can you buy for 1% of your income that has that much value?

Picture James: a healthy, 35-year-old who doesn’t smoke spends less than $50 a month for his life insurance premium and gets covered for $700K for a 20-year term policy. The average person spends more money in one month on both coffee ($92) and a gym membership ($58) than James spends insuring his entire family’s financial future. And the payout is incredibly valuable— if something happened to James, that $700K benefit can go towards paying off mortgages, bills, or even sending his kids to college.

Sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s how affordable it can be to get term life insurance. People pay hundreds of dollars a month to insure their cars or houses. Doesn’t it make sense to spend a fraction of that to insure your family’s future?

At Ethos, we believe life insurance should be simple, affordable way to protect the people you care about. We want to find the right plan for you, not the one that will make us the most profit. Our agents aren’t commissioned, so your unique needs are their top priority. We know how invaluable your family is, and we think that protecting them shouldn’t be beyond your reach. That’s why we provide your loved ones the coverage that we would want for ours.

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