The Complete Guide to Life Insurance
Interested in life insurance with Ethos but don’t know where to start? Find out what you need to know.
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Why Ethos?

At Ethos, we always put people before profit. We’ve redesigned the entire application process from start to finish to make it easy, accessible, and straightforward for everyone. Because protecting your family should be that simple.

Our online application takes just minutes to complete
We make it easy—without mounds of confusing paperwork or hidden fees.
Our team of licensed agents is salaried, so you don’t have to worry about being upsold on an expensive policy by a commissioned salesperson.
Ethos offers a wide range of policy options with coverage ranging from $25,0000 to $10M in coverage with term lengths ranging from 10–30 years.
We partner with industry leaders like Legal & General America, RGAX, Assurity Life Insurance Company, and MunichRe to offer you the best life insurance plan.
Our team of licensed agents can be reached through phone, email, text, and live chat to answer any questions you may have. Ethos agents are non-commissioned, so we can ensure that you are getting the best advice and plan to suit your needs.
Get started in 3 simple steps
Life is complicated. Applying for life insurance shouldn’t be.
Number One
Get a quote
Before you apply, get an instant, personalized quote with several flexible policy options to choose from. You can customize your coverage amount and term length to match your needs.
Number Two
Apply in minutes
After you choose your plan, complete our online application. It’s simple, straightforward, and it only takes about 10 minutes. We only ask what we need to know to evaluate your application.
Number Three
Get covered
Our underwriters will review your application and send your options, typically within 7-10 days. In some cases, you can be approved instantly and a licensed agent will reach out to review your coverage plan.
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Why thousands of Americans choose Ethos
Get an instant, personalized quote.
Do I need life insurance?

70% of American families would be bankrupt in months if they lost a primary breadwinner.

If something happens to you during your prime earning years, your loved ones don’t just lose you—they also lose the financial future you’ve been building. If you have a partner, children, or elderly parents who depend on you for support (financial or otherwise), then life insurance can be a great way to secure their financial future by providing them with a safety net should the unexpected happen.

Even if you have employer-sponsored life insurance, you may want to consider additional coverage for your family. Personal finance experts recommend that you have savings or coverage that is at least 10x your annual salary. Employer-sponsored policies typically only cover 1-2x your salary while you are employed full-time, and this coverage generally ends once you leave the company.

Having life insurance can ensure that your family’s future is safe, no matter what.

What type of insurance is best for me?

There are two main types of life insurance: term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Term life insurance is the most simple and affordable option. It provides coverage for a set period of time or “term” (typically 10–30 years), and is designed to protect your dependents. If you pass away during the term period, your beneficiaries receive a cash payment to cover expenses or income loss related to your passing.

Permanent life insurance is more complex and costly (typically costing 10–20x more than term life for the same amount of coverage). It provides coverage in a set amount for your entire life and is sometimes used as an investment vehicle. Some insurers invest your premium payments and the interest earned on those investments goes back into your policy as accrued cash value. Please note: When choosing this type of policy, you should be prepared to assume meaningful levels of risk.

At Ethos, it’s our goal to make protecting your family’s financial future easy with simple, personalized policies. That’s why we offer term life insurance, which will benefit you if:

  1. You need coverage to replace your income over a fixed period of time (for example, when you’re raising children or paying off a mortgage)
  2. You want the most affordable coverage
  3. You want a more streamlined and straightforward process
Life insurance
Starting at $1/day
How much coverage do I need?

Buying life insurance can seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to figuring out how much coverage you need to protect your loved ones. However, calculating how much life insurance you should buy is fairly straightforward.

Many experts recommend buying a life insurance plan that covers 10x your income. You can also calculate your life insurance number using the DIME method.

Total= Debt + Income + Mortgage + Education
Total monetary value of debt (student loans, credit cards, etc.)
Income replacement for needed years ($30,000 x 10 years= $300,000)
Any mortgage balances you may have
Anticipated price to pay your children’s tuition
Need help getting started?
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