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Your Car Is Insured, What About Your Life?

Jon Austin Lim · Aug 2, 2019
Father, mother, and children on roadtrip in car

When you’re getting in your car to leave in the morning, you don’t usually think about whether you have car insurance or not, because more than likely, you just have it (it’s so important that it’s required in most places). There’s no reason not to have it. Right? If you wouldn’t leave the house without knowing that your car is insured, why would you go about the day without making sure your life is insured? If the worst happens, your loved ones could end up depending on that coverage.

Getting life insurance is one of the best ways to ensure that your family’s financial future is protected. If anything happens to you, they receive a payout that can help them cover any expenses you might have left behind like a mortgage, outstanding debts, or education costs for your kids. And just because it can help cover all that, doesn’t mean it has to break the bank.

The average car insurance premium cost is around $118 a month. $118 just to make sure that if anything were to happen to your car, you’d be insured. For half that monthly cost, a healthy 35-year-old male could get a million dollars coverage in term life insurance with Ethos. That means if anything were to happen to your life, your family would be covered. Luckily, getting a policy is easy and affordable with Ethos.

Protecting your family is more affordable than you think

Fifty dollars a month could get you $700K in coverage for a twenty-year term.

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