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Life Insurance Should Be Life Insurance

Jon Austin Lim · Aug 2, 2019
Child on fathers shoulders

At Ethos, we think life insurance should be exactly what its name entails. A way to insure your life. We don’t see it as a way to make money and cash out on some mediocre investment. We make life insurance focused on one thing: protecting your family. At the end of the day, the sole purpose of life insurance should be to protect the valuable future of your loved ones, not an investment opportunity.

Usually, when we look to insure the things we have, it isn’t treated like an investment vehicle of some sort. We don’t buy car insurance to make money, we buy car insurance to protect our car. In the same way, we buy home insurance just to protect our homes. So, when you buy life insurance, it should just be to protect your life. That’s why Ethos offers term life insurance. Unlike whole life insurance, a term policy focuses on getting you the best coverage when you need it most. It doesn’t combine your insurance with an investment portfolio or lock you into a lifelong plan. Because of this, your premium payments for a term policy can cost much less than those of a whole policy. You don’t have to worry about knowing complicated terms like surrender fees, maturity dates, or cash value portfolios (if you want to know, you can Google it).

That’s how life insurance should be. For example, $50 a month could get you $700k in coverage for twenty years. That means if you were to die within those ten years, your loved ones get all $700K. It’s that simple. Protecting your family at a cost that you can afford. And with Ethos, getting the right policy is simple too.

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