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How To Save Thousands On Life Insurance And Protect Your Family

Jon Austin Lim · Jun 12, 2019
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It’s never a bad time to protect your family. But the best time is now.

With mortgage payments, debt, car loans, and kids, there never seems to be time (or money) left to spend on anything—let alone, life insurance. Who has the time to help keep their family protected? Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Life insurance is actually a critical part of protecting the financial security of families everywhere, but buying it might seem daunting. Most people either find it too confusing, or assume that it’s an unnecessary expense. In reality, protecting your family doesn’t have to break the bank—or your brain.

Turns out, saving money on life insurance isn’t complicated at all. It doesn’t have to take a multi-step process or huge life changes. You only need to do one thing—get it now. It never goes on sale, and no carrier will offer you a discount for waiting to protect your loved ones. In fact, life insurance does the exact opposite. The longer you wait, the more it costs.

  • Example: Chris, a typical 35-year-old, can expect to pay $54/month for a 500K policy with a 30-year term if he bought life insurance today. If he waits a year to buy, his new premium would go up to $58/month. Four bucks doesn’t sound like much, but that’s for his 30-year term. That would end up costing $1,440 more over the entire term—$1,440 extra dollars leaving Chris’ pocket and 365 extra days his family isn’t being protected.

If you think that’s bad, imagine how much more life insurance would cost if he waited five years. After five years of delaying, Chris would be spending a grand total of $10,080 more on life insurance than if he purchased a policy now. Yep, you read that right. Now is the best time to protect the ones you love and, lucky for you, it’s never been easier.

Ethos can help you get started.

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You know you need it.

If you have a family, a mortgage, or any debts shared with others, not having life insurance protection could put your beneficiaries in significant financial distress if you were to suddenly pass away.

The more you wait, the more it costs.

Life insurance rates generally go up with age. It’s best to get it now if you want to save money in the long run. Get your free price estimate today.

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