How Do I Get Paid?

With Ethos Prompt Pay, you'll be paid weekly on time, every time.
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Follow these three Prompt Pay steps for policy activation payments.

Step 1: Complete our request for information

Step 2: Answer our invitation to add payment and tax information

  • After the first policy activation, look for an email from Ethos via Routable
  • Follow the email link to enter your tax information and payment instructions
  • Contact with any questions

Step 3: Get paid!

  • After the first full policy payment is completed, activations are paid out weekly
  • Activations that occur by Friday are paid out the following Thursday
  • Bonuses and agent referrals are paid monthly, starting in the month following earning action
  • Submit questions about missing or inaccurate payments here

A few things to keep in mind

For policies offered by TruStage Insurance, if a client is inputting their ACH method for the first time, it can take 10–12 days from the activated date for TruStage to process the payment. For any questions regarding the TruStage policy, please reach out to the TruStage Concierge, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST.

Email TruStage Concierge:

  • Although activations are paid out on Thursdays, the day funds become available in your account is determined by your bank. 
  • Any changes to compensation or payment level schedule will need to be approved by your account manager. Once approved, the change will show up in the next payment cycle.
  • Account statements are available monthly, during the first week of the following month. If you require a statement, please reach out to
  • For future-dated policies offered by Senior Life Insurance Company, policies are activated only after the first payment is made, not when policies are submitted.
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