Ethos Payments

Setting up payment, our payment process, and frequently asked questions.
Agent on computer
Setting up payment
  • After your first policy activation, look for an email from Routable on behalf of Ethos.
  • Follow the email link to enter your tax information and payment instructions.
  • Contact with any questions.
When to expect payment
  • For agents paid directly by Ethos, commission payments are released the next business day after a client’s initial premium payment has cleared. 

    • For example: If the client’s payment clears on a Friday, your commission payment will be released the following Monday.
    • Weekend policy activations are counted in the week ahead. For example, if the client’s payment clears on a Saturday, your commission payment will be released the following Monday.
  • The day funds become available in your bank account is determined by your bank.

  • Future-dated policies are activated only after the first payment is made, not when policies are submitted.
  • Bonuses and agent referrals are paid monthly, starting in the month following earning action.
  • Possible reasons for payment delays:

    • Payment is released over a U.S. bank holiday.
    • Important information is missing from the agent such as National Producer Number and payment terms.

You must have an active state license at the time of policy submission to receive compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions