Running a Facebook Lead Generation Campaign - Step by Step Instructions

To help you run a successful Facebook campaign, we’ve provided easy-to-follow instructions, vetted best practices, and guidance on the types of ads that perform well.
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Please note that neither Ethos nor Facebook guarantees any lead costs or quality. The lead cost and conversion rates will depend on a variety of factors, including uncontrollable factors such as how many other advertisers are in the market. This guide is simply a tutorial on what we’ve found to work best.

Am I ready to run Facebook ads? 

You’re ready to run Facebook ads if you have the following:

  • A ​Facebook business page​ and Instagram account were set up
  • A website privacy policy (this is required for Facebook lead forms)
  • The creative that Ethos has provided for download
  • Your custom Ethos client invitation link
  • Plans to spend at least $200 per week on Facebook ads, or you’re comfortable with spending less and having poorer results
  • A plan for what you are going to do with these leads after you get them (hint: contact them quickly)

You’ll also need to understand that:

  • There is no guarantee on Cost Per Lead or lead quality from a Facebook campaign.
  • This campaign will have to be ​approved by Ethos​ before it goes live.
  • Ethos requires agents to ensure compliance with state and federal laws regarding text, telephone, and email marketing.

Setting up your campaign

  1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and click the “Create” button.
  2. Select “Lead Generation” as your campaign objective.
FB how to
  1. Name your campaign and click continue.
name your campaign
  1. Leave your buying type as “Auction”.

  2. Toggle “Campaign Budget Optimization” to “On” and set your budget.

FB budget optimization

There is no “right budget”— it depends on how much you are willing to spend. However, the Facebook algorithm requires 50 lead “events” to exit the “learning phase” (when Facebook starts automatically finding the best people for your ad). For this reason, ​we recommend running a Facebook campaign only if you are planning to spend $200 or more a week​. Facebook can be a great platform because it uses machine learning to find the best audience, but if there are too few events for it to learn from, your leads are going to end up being pretty expensive.

  1. Click “Next” to move on to editing your ad sets.

Setting up your audience

  1. Before setting up your audience, create your “Ad set name”, click “Instant forms” under “Lead method”, and select the page you want to promote.
Ad set up
  1. Select your schedule.
Ad budget and schedule
  1. We recommend keeping your audience-targeting (who sees the ad) relatively broad, so Facebook has the most room to learn to whom to show your ads. Set “Location” to include all the states in which you’re licensed. (Please note Ethos is not available in New York, so do not include NY even if you are licensed there.)
FB audience
  1. Leave “Placements” in their default settings.
  2. Click “Next” to move on to ad setup.

Setting up the ad

  1. Name your ad. Use something that makes it easy for you to remember what the ad is. The name of the ad will not be shown when the ad is broadcast—this is just for you to remember.
  2. Make sure you have selected your business page and Instagram account to serve the ads.
  3. Leave the Format on “Single image or video.”
FB ad setup
  1. Enter your marketing text and headline into the “Primary text” and “Headline” sections (see below for an example) in the “Ad creative” section. You can download an image to include here​. Set the “Call to Action” as “Get quote”.
FB ad media

Setting up the lead form

  1. In the “Instant form” section, click “Create form.”
  2. Name your lead form and choose “More volume” in “Form type.”
FB lead form
  1. In the “Intro” section, choose a solid color background image and use the following text in your greeting:
FB ad intro
  1. In the ”Custom questions” section, add one qualifying question that will help you with lead outreach. ​DO NOT ask any health-related questions or your ad will not get approved ​(it’s against Facebook’s policy). An example below, which you are welcome to use:
FB ad questions
  1. In the “Prefill questions” section, choose the information that will help you follow up with your leads, like name, email, and phone number. Add a description that outlines what you will be doing with this information, like the example below.
FB prefill questions
  1. In the “Privacy” section, link your website’s privacy policy. You can leave the link text and disclaimer part blank.
FB privacy
  1. In the “Completion” section, fill it in like the example below. ​This is where you will include your custom Ethos link!​ Put your link in the “Link” section.
FB completion
  1. Once this is all done, your ad preview should show this:
FB ad preview
  1. Click “Publish”.

Downloading leads

Follow this tutorial to download your leads​.

Lead form follow-ups

This is where your selling skills come in—you know better than we do how to convert these leads. That said, we recommend starting with an email. You can use the template below:

Subject Line: Ethos life insurance quote

Hi [NAME],

Congrats on taking the first step to protecting your family with life insurance. I’m [AGENT NAME] from [AGENCY] and I’d love to help you with a free, personalized life insurance quote. Do you have time for a 10-minute phone call in [INSERT TIME FRAME]?

I’ve attached more information on Ethos below.

Looking forward to helping you figure out your coverage needs!


We suggest attaching something educational as well, like our ​Ethos one-pager​. You can use the quoting tool in the Agent Dashboard to run quick quotes while you’re on the phone with the client.

Other email follow-up best practices include:

  • Sending an email every two to three days to stay top-of-mind
  • Providing an attached or linked educational piece of information or content in every email
  • Keeping your emails short, sweet, and to the point

For more resources, visit the agent portal.

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