3 Winning Strategies for Insurance Lead Generation

Use these proven, low-cost strategies to establish yourself as the trusted agent of choice in your market—and start driving more leads.
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1. Make your website a lead magnet

Insurance agents used to get most of their leads from referrals and networking events, or old school methods like placing print ads in the newspaper or Yellow Pages. But these days, it’s so important for you to have a website that performs.

With an extensive offering of online tools, it’s easier than ever to create and optimize your website.

Here are some of the basics to get you started:

  • Differentiate yourself with a simple, clear statement detailing why interested clients should work with you.
  • Make it easy to find how to contact you or your team.
  • Capture early interest clients with a basic and highly visible lead form.
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  • Understand the basics of SEO and keywords. (There are plenty of online primer tools and videos to get you up to speed.)
  • Get Google Analytics—it’s free!—and tag your website content.
  • Create content with your audience in mind.
  • Leverage multiple types of content such as videos, blogs, checklists, and more to help your client better understand the importance of life insurance.

2. Become “Google my Business savvy” 

Google’s status as the world’s best search engine was cemented right around the time its name became a verb. But most insurance agents don’t realize that it’s also one of the best tools to capture local leads—which is why it’s so important for your site to pop up in search results, whether on mobile or desktop.

Being a local business Location Authority is the new SEO when it comes to Google and its associated apps, like Google Maps. Why is it so crucial to have a Google My Business (GMB) listing? Because the stronger your profile, the higher Google is likely to rank it—which means MORE LEADS! If your GMB listing doesn’t appear when you search its name or doesn’t rank when you add the city and/or state, it’s likely because your listing doesn’t exist or isn’t complete.

To set up your Google My Business profile:

  1. Log into Google: https:/account.google.com (GMB will “attach” to the master Google account).
  2. Claim or create your GMB page here: https:/business.google.com/create.
Google my business sign up
  1. Download the mobile app, which allows you to access additional features. Get the Android App • Get the iOS App

  2. Verify your GMB page (the method varies, but options include via postcard, phone call, e-mail, or instantly online).

  3. Complete your GMB profile, ensuring your name matches naming conventions across other profiles and social sites where your business appears.

Google my business profile

To ensure you’re securing the top local search every time, complete as much of the profile as possible, including:

  • Category and sub-categories
  • Service areas (as many as possible)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Reviews
  • Your business description and the types of products you sell
  • Photos tagged with tools like geoimgr.com (photos of your office, recent awards, community events you attend, your marketing materials, customers, your team)
  • Posts on Google Posts by repurposing your social posts (schedule them to update weekly for the best results)

Lastly, you should make it easy for Google to form associations between your GMB, website, and social links by adding all that apply in your profile header and footer.

Building a GMB listing can have an immediate impact on new leads as more people start discovering you. It’s an easy, low-cost way to maximize your Google ranking and start getting more attention from the people who mean the most to your business: clients researching how to protect their families.

3. Encourage more customer reviews

Word of mouth can help you find leads, but these days, we live in a review economy. Online reviews are the new word of mouth.

That’s why you should encourage customers to leave your agency reviews on Google. Both quality and quantity matter, as they’re prominently displayed on your listing page.

Ask your new customer to leave you a Google rating and review. Or send out a follow-up email, giving customers the link to your GMB page with a kind request for them to leave a rating and review.

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Most people don’t leave reviews for a variety of reasons—they may be too busy and forget, or they might not know how to leave a review. Maybe they don’t think you need them. Whatever the reason, you may need to follow up with them several times. But remember, you should never pay customers to write you a review. This is a non-compliant activity in most major brands’ compliance guidelines.

The frequency of reviews also matters. According to BrightLocal, 70% of consumers believe that reviews older than six months are outdated and not relevant to their decision. To keep reviews fresh and current, practice putting scheduled time in each week to focus on reviews.

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Using these three methods, you can make a significant impact on your business’s bottom line. Optimizing your website, building your Google presence, and getting customer reviews are three of the most important marketing investments you can make to increase your lead generation efforts.