Fun Halloween Activities For The Whole Family

Julianne Sawyer · Oct 31, 2019
scary jack-o-lantern

Still looking for something to do on Halloween? We’ve rounded up some wickedly fun activities that the whole family can enjoy both Now & Later (prepare yourself for Halloween puns). Read on for ideas to make your October 31 spooktacular.

Carve A Jack-O-Lantern

Pumpkin carving and October go hand-in-hand. It’s a festive family activity that allows the kiddos to unleash their creativity. Give your pumpkin “braces” with wire and metal brackets, place a smaller pumpkin inside a larger one to make a “cannibal pumpkin,” or carve your favorite animal—the possibilities are endless. If your kids are too young to handle sharp carving tools, try painting the pumpkins instead.

Traverse A Corn Maze

Get lost in some good, corny enjoyment. Many local farms organize corn mazes to celebrate the season, so check out your local area for timing and availability. Go as a group with family and friends, and let the kids take turns leading the way in the maze (assuming you don’t mind getting lost). Be sure to check the age-appropriateness of the maze, as some may be too scary for younger ones. It’s sure to be an a-maize-ing time.

Explore A Haunted House

Whether you let your kids make their own at home, or you visit one locally, haunted houses are the epitome of spooky amusement. If you’ve scoured your area without any luck, search for a local haunt. Do your research ahead of time, as some haunted houses may not be appropriate for children of all ages. You don’t want them waking you up about monsters under the bed in the middle of the night.

Play Flashlight Tag

Like hide-and-seek...but at night...with flashlights. Gather your family and friends, because this game is meant to be played with a crowd. Once the seeker finds your hiding spot, you’re “it” and the game starts over again. For a slightly more chilling version, try playing werewolf tag. The premise is the same, but once the werewolf finds you, you must join the werewolf pack and hunt together. No one is safe. This game is will also keep them off of their screens for some active play.

Make Your Own Costumes

Making costumes together is a tradition that’s dying to be revived. Halloween store costumes are fine in a pinch (if not a bit expensive), but there’s nothing like making your own. A quick Google search will provide thousands of options for family costumes, but The Nutcracker Suite, The Flintstones, The Incredibles, and the von Trapp family (from The Sound of Music) are some faves. Dress up the family pooch, too.

These are just a few ideas to celebrate the season. The craftier among you might also consider making Halloween crafts such as paper lanterns, pipe cleaner spiders, and handprint paper bats) and even telling ghost stories. However you decide to observe the scariest time of year, from our family to yours, have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

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