How To Plan A (Great) Date Night

Kyle Fanthorpe · Apr 29, 2019
Young couple looking outside window
Whether it’s a first or 101st date, there is no better way to impress that special someone than planning a romantic evening. But where do you even start? You need a plan and a good one at that. From a quiet night in to a night on the town, we have the lowdown on planning something truly memorable. Read on for ideas to unleash your inner Cupid.

Be Proactive

One of the most delightful parts of the whole date experience is the element of surprise. Plan the entire evening, from the restaurant choice to after-dinner activities (if you’re going out), or the evening’s menu to the choice of rom-com to watch afterward (if you’re staying in). Remember to think about the details, from your date’s dietary preferences to comfort level with whatever you have planned (i.e. don’t take someone who is easily scared to a horror film).

  • Going out: Find out their favorite type of food and do a little research to locate the highest-rated restaurant that serves that cuisine.
  • Staying in: Organize a board game night—a little competition is a great way to get both of you laughing or breaking the ice with someone new.

Make It Fun (For Both Of You)

A good date should be enjoyable for both parties. Not only will it inevitably lead to a better night because you’re both more engaged, but it’s also easier to connect with someone who’s having a good time. That means not dragging someone to see your favorite band, restaurant, etc. unless you know that your date will actually have a good time.

  • Going out: Being active together is a great way to break up your routine. Take a walk through a local park or go on a hike together. Bonus points if the trail has a nice view.
  • Staying in: Dine alfresco—something as simple as packing dinner into a picnic basket and eating outside, whether it’s in your backyard or even on the lawn can make a simple meal special.

If You’re Cooking...

This is not—we repeat—this is not the time to experiment. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen when you’re entertaining is to cook an unfamiliar recipe, whether it’s something complicated to impress your date or just a new dish. Stick with what you know—the simpler, the better. An easy dish that’s cooked to perfection will always be better than something more challenging that doesn’t quite turn out right. You’ll also have more time to spend with your partner.

  • Going out: Taking a cooking class together is a fun and delicious way to ignite a spark for the evening. You can usually find classes posted in your local listings or online.
  • Staying in: Alternatively, you can always cook together at home. If the meal doesn’t go as planned, you can always laugh through it and order takeout.

Put Your Phone Away

The best thing you can do on your special night is to be present. No one likes feeling ignored or having a conversation with someone that’s half there. Keep your phone in your pocket for the night and resist the urge to leave it on the table. Whatever that notification is (barring an emergency) can wait. It may seem trivial, but it will go a long way to show that you care.

Whatever you decide to do, there’s a pretty good chance that your date will go well if you put thought into it. Now that you have a good list of ideas to consider, all that’s left to do is ask out that special someone.

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